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This website is primarily about Splash Pad Park in Oakland – its history and the role it currently plays as the centerpiece of a large, very diverse, incredibly vibrant urban community. The most important and dynamic component of the site, however, is the Splash Pad News, which has gradually shifted its focus, over time, to cover the park’s surrounding neighborhoods. This monthly online publication helps keep its readership informed; supports locally owned businesses; and encourages volunteer participation and involvement in decisions that affect our community.

Latest Updates

East Side Sushi on Netflix

by C. J. Hirschfield A Little Film Shot on Grand Avenue Continues to Win Hearts and Minds Nine years ago, a modest independent feature film was shot in Oakland, with many scenes inside Coach Sushi on Grand Avenue. The earnest—and underfunded—filmmaker appreciated the fact that local restaurateurs (Bacheesos, Sidebar, Chop Bar) stepped up to provide […]

Oysters in a Pandemic

by C. J. Hirschfield Learning a new instrument, a second language, how to create and maintain a sourdough starter. These are some of the most popular skills people are mastering during the pandemic. Me? I’ve mastered the art of oyster shucking. I know that raw oysters aren’t for everybody, but I’m a big fan. And […]