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This website is primarily about Splash Pad Park in Oakland – its history and the role it currently plays as the centerpiece of a large, very diverse, incredibly vibrant urban community. The most important and dynamic component of the site, however, is the Splash Pad News, which has gradually shifted its focus, over time, to cover the park’s surrounding neighborhoods. This monthly online publication helps keep its readership informed; supports locally owned businesses; and encourages volunteer participation and involvement in decisions that affect our community.

Latest Updates

Splash Pad News – November 2019

All the News That Fits GRAND AVENUE East Bay Eats (the reincarnation of Sunday Suppers, but under all new sponsorship) has scheduled a fundraiser for St. Mary’s Center to be held at Almond & Oak on Sunday, November 17. When I had the honor of serving on the planning committee for Oakland’s Homeless Connect program, […]

Splash Pad News – October 2019

All the News That Fits SPLASH PAD PARK Splash Pad Park (for the first time in a very long time) is our lead story thanks to this past week’s news about Walter Hood, the Oakland-based landscape architect who designed the park that eventually gave rise to this publication. This article in the Chronicle, on September 21, […]

Splash Pad News – September 2019

All the News That Fits Editor’s Note: A hearty welcome to all our new subscribers – more than twenty in the past month. GRAND AVENUE Collected at Four 32 (432 Santa Clara Avenue) is set to open on Tuesday, September 10. The owner, Anthony Bennett, has over twenty-five years of experience selling antiques and conducting estate sales. […]