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This website is primarily about Splash Pad Park in Oakland – its history and the role it currently plays as the centerpiece of a large, very diverse, incredibly vibrant urban community. The most important and dynamic component of the site, however, is the Splash Pad News, which has gradually shifted its focus, over time, to cover the park’s surrounding neighborhoods. This monthly online publication helps keep its readership informed; supports locally owned businesses; and encourages volunteer participation and involvement in decisions that affect our community.

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Splash Pad News – September 2018

  About Us:  We typically publish the Splash Pad News the first of each month and immediately afterwards, notify subscribers with a blast email.  A SUBSCRIBE link is at the top of this page. To contact us directly, please email Comments are always welcome via the link at the very bottom of this page. GRAND […]

Introducing Perfusion Vineyard Owner John Bry

John Bry wears two different hats – one that’s broad-brimmed to ward off the sun when he’s working outdoors in his Wildcat Canyon Vineyard and the second, a scrub cap he wears as a long-time vascular surgeon. Dr. Bry finished his medical training in Boston and launched his medical practice in Berkeley in 1994. Prior to […]

Splash Pad News – August 2018

  About Us: The Splash Pad News is typically published the first of each month. You can sign up for our blast email notice by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE link at the top of this page. GRAND AVENUE Grand Avenue was very much in the news the past several weeks beginning with a July 9 […]