West of 580 – Lake Merritt Supermarket

On Grand Ave., West of 580

Hello, Neighbors!  Watch this space for monthly news and notes about tasty gems, handy services, art, and changes on Grand Ave., west of 580.  – LZ.

Lake Merritt Super on the corner of Perkins and Grand Avenues.
Grand Avenue entrance to Lake Merritt Supermarket trumpets their selection of international food stuffs.
Second floor above the International Grocery is the future home of the Morroccan-inspired Oasis Lounge.

The Lake Merritt Super Market, on the corner of Grand and Perkins, has been family-owned and serving our neighborhood since 1986. When the store abruptly closed in August, neighbors worried that this treasure of international choices might be gone. Then, good news:  The store reopened on Sept. 18 revealing remodeling and expansion plans that Sam, the owner, hopes to have done by January. Future blogs will feature the 50-seat Oasis Deli that Sam will open next door with a mural of Lake Merritt for diners to enjoy, the Oasis Lounge that he will open upstairs with beautiful Moroccan décor, hookah pipes, and covered deck seating, and bike racks in front of the establishment.

What’s on your shopping list? In addition to typical convenience store necessities like laundry supplies, pet food, toothpaste, paper products, and ice cream (we all agree that Hagen Daz is a necessity, don’t we?) this market offers sleek black umbrellas next to colorful hookah pipes.  Sam will soon add organic fresh produce at the front of the store, for prices lower than Whole Foods.  Already, his international food and beverage varieties invite leisurely browsing and inspire eating and drinking adventures.

Owner of the Lake Merritt Supermarket and soon to open Oasis Lounge is pictured on the left.

Wine – Choose from Greek, French, Spanish, or Italian vineyards, or Napa, Alexander Valley, Paso Robles, or Lodi labels. Feeling more adventurous?  Choose from 3 labels of Ethiopian honey wine. For a party, try a jug of Carlo Rossi Moscato Sangria. Is beer your beverage of choice? Your uncle may insist on Bud or Bud Light, which is here, but the rest of your guests might enjoy Stella Artois, Blue Moon, 3 Drake brews, Sam Adams’ Cherry Wheat, or Jamaican Red Ale.  Soda – Coke is here, but so is Diet A&W root beer, Mexican cola, and tamarindo, mandarin, and grapefruit soda. Need beverages for the health conscious? – Consider aloe vera drink flavored with pomegranate, coconut, mango, strawberry, lemonade, or chamomile green tea. Or coconut juice, coconut drink, coconut water or all natural coconut juice with pulp.

Fava beans – Do you want them pealed, strained, whole, with chick peas, with tahini, or with hominy and olive oil? Spices – Fresh ginger is delivered daily. On shelves below common items like Kosher salt and cinnamon, find dried shallots, ground lemon omani, and ground sour grape tandoori seasoning.  Oil – Next to the Wesson, Crisco and Mazzola, you could also choose oils from mustard, grape seed, flaxseed, sunflower, safflower, almond, peanut, white truffle, and olive oil with ginger extract. If your Thanksgiving dinner will feature African or Caribbean cuisine, purchase a 1.32-gallon jug filled with bright red palm oil.

Every gathering needs cookies. – Allow plenty of time to select from the entire line of Pepperidge Farm cookies. Or try Loacker Quadratini, bite-size wafer cookies available in hazelnut, chocolate, vanilla and lemon, from Austria. Or Belgian Chocolate Thins (yes, from Belgium) in milk, dark, orange, hazelnut, carmel, or almond. Or hazelnut, carmel, apricot, or chocolate cookies from the Russian Chocolate bakery in Sacramento. After these goodies, you may be watching your waistline. Try 3 flavors of rice cakes (natural, corn and multigrain). Even the bologna comes in 3 varieties (chicken & pork, beef and turkey).

** TIP:  For a preview of the Oasis Deli menu, try the Oasis Food Market restaurant, also owned by Sam, at 3045 Telegraph Ave. (between 30th St & 31st St, across from Alta Bates). The onsite bakery at Telegraph will provide the delicious baklava and other baked items to the Oasis Deli when it opens.

Lake Merritt Super Market
346 Grand Ave. (corner of Perkins Ave.), Oakland
Hours:    Sun – Thurs   7:30 AM – 10 PM
Fri – Sat   7:30 AM – 11 PM




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