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Vote for Lakeshore: The Best of Oakland!

By Racheal Scott & Kelsey Heath

As we approach the voting deadline for the Best of Oakland awards, we have an incredible opportunity to showcase the vibrant and diverse community that makes Lakeshore one of the most beloved areas in the city. Voting runs through June 16th at 12 pm, and the winners will be announced in July. With 22 fantastic businesses across 9 categories, we have plenty of reasons to rally behind Lakeshore.

Why Lakeshore Deserves Your Vote

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Lakeshore is more than just a street—it’s a community hub that offers a little bit of everything for everyone. From top-notch dining to unique retail shops, here are a few reasons why Lakeshore deserves your vote:

1. Diverse Dining Options

Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet meal, a quick bite, or a sweet treat, Lakeshore has it all. Our restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

2. Unique Shopping Experiences

Lakeshore boasts a variety of shops that provide everything from the latest fashion trends to one-of-a-kind handmade goods. Supporting these local businesses not only helps our community thrive but also ensures you’ll find the most unique items.

3. Community Vibes

The businesses on Lakeshore are more than just places to eat and shop; they are integral parts of our community. Many of these establishments support local causes, host events, and create a welcoming atmosphere for all.

How to Vote

1. **Visit the Voting Site**: Head over to the Best of Oakland voting page.

2. **Select Lakeshore Businesses**: Make sure to vote for our 22 businesses across the 9 categories.

3. **Submit Your Vote**: Don’t forget to hit submit and share with friends and family!

Our Categories and Businesses

Here’s a quick rundown of the categories and some of the standout businesses on Lakeshore you can vote for:

Best Food & Drink**: From fine dining to casual eats, pick your favorite. Colonial Donuts, Lin Jia, Rico Rico Taco, Shakewell, Arizmendi, and Bardo

Best Retail Shop**: Support the local stores that bring character to our street. Oakanna, Bay Made, Paragon Design Studio, Maribel, Silver Moon Kids, Chi, Wind & Water, and Lakeshore Natural Foods. 

Best Health & Wellness Center**: Vote for the spas, gyms, and wellness centers that help you stay healthy. Hipline, The Hearing Zone, Body Rok, Arise Yoga. 

Best Bar**: Raise a glass to the best place for a drink. Heart & Dagger Saloon, The Cat House, Bardo, and Shakewell. 

Best Beauty**: Show some love to the places that keep us looking our best. European Wax Center,

Spread the Word

Voting for Lakeshore means supporting the businesses that make our community special. Share this with your friends, family, and neighbors. Encourage them to vote and help spread the word on social media using the hashtag #BestofOaklandLakeshore.

Let’s come together to ensure that Lakeshore shines brightly in the Best of Oakland awards. Every vote counts, and together we can celebrate the amazing businesses that make our community exceptional.

Remember, the voting ends on June 16th at 12 pm, so cast your vote today and let’s bring home the win for Lakeshore!

Avenue Comings & Goings

Although it is sad to see The Lakeshore Cafe make it’s exit, we are looking forward to what will soon take its place. 

Philz Coffee is almost here!

Permits have been filed and construction is underway at 3355 Lakeshore, We can’t wait to welcome Crazy Block Cheesecakes to Lakeshore. Currently found in Alameda and numerous Farmers Markets in the Bay Area, Crazy Block Cheesecakes offer a wide array of New York Style cheesecake. With products made from local dairy, eggs and organic ingredients, it’s sure to be a favorite stop on Lakeshore.

By racheal scott and kelsey heath

Kelsey Heath and Racheal Knight-Scott are with the Lakeshore Business Improvement District. They work together with the Business owners and Property owners to enhance and promote the Lakeshore shopping district. 



2 responses to “Vote for Lakeshore: The Best of Oakland!”

  1. I will miss the Lakeshore Cafe a lot. It was a nice part of Saturday morning for us. I hope the new restaurant that replaces it serves breakfast!

    1. Ed, the new owners aren’t looking to change too much from what I hear!

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