California Community Native Garden

Splash Pad’s California Native Garden

A message from Mary Jo Sutton:
The California native plant beds in Splash Pad Park are maintained solely by volunteers. If you are interested in learning about native plants and have a little time to spare, please join us on the 4th Sunday of every month. We work from 9 am – 12 pm but some folks come for an hour or two. Our next work day is on December 27. Send me an email if you plan on coming or have questions. 

A response from Ken Katz:
The February 2017 Splash Pad News included a lengthy profile of Mary Jo that I highly recommend. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The undulating concrete walls that (Walter) Hood designed provide a boundary for the native plant garden – the success of which rests, in large part, in Mary Jo Sutton’s muddy hands and is due to her sustained efforts. She’s the unquestioned leader of the “Splash Pad Grand Crew” volunteer team. She’s gained their respect through her brains, wiry brawn, and skills as a knowledgeable horticulturist with a vast knowledge of California natives. As she’s helped transform the space into an understated showplace over the past several years, her background in museum display design and her eye for beauty has become apparent.

Regardless of the level of your gardening knowledge, I promise you won’t regret pitching in if and when you can.

Earth Day 2016