Splash Pad Park Update – July 2022

As reported last month, repairs to the decking in the Splash Pad Plaza commenced on Sunday, June 5. Despite non-stop rain, four Public Works employees reported for overtime, including Martin Tovar, the Facilities Maintenance and Construction Manager, and Christian Boyle, the City Gardener who maintains the Rose Garden, Mandana Green, and Splash Pad Park.

Volunteers included Billal Sidiq (from Bolani Foods) and three young (especially compared to me) Farmers Market patrons — Raphael Holmes, Jake Kring, and Jose Santos — plus Eric Hughes, Jerry Barclay, and myself. That morning, all the decking was successfully removed and the pea gravel underneath used to fill in low spots in the gravel beds that parallel the freeway. A special shout-out to the Lake Park Starbucks for providing hot coffee and to Bake Sum for their delicious pastries.

The support ledgers have since been replaced but reinstallation of the decking is temporarily on hold. In addition, similar repairs to the decking where Anfilo Coffee sets up have not yet been scheduled. If you’d like to volunteer for this very specific project,  please send us an email with “Volunteer” as the subject.

Mary Jo Sutton’s Grand Crew volunteers were greeted with far superior weather for their 4th Sunday work day on June 26. The event was co-sponsored by the Lake Park Starbucks. Store Manager, Jing Diaz (on the far right with one of her co-workers) described the morning as a learning experience that she really enjoyed. She intends to return for this month’s edition on July 24 from 9:00am–noon. Tools, gloves and kneeling pads are provided.

Editor’s Note: Ken Katz founded the Splash Pad Neighborhood Forum in late 1999 and, in his role as Chair, coordinated the community efforts to lobby for a new park and subsequently served as a liaison to the City of Oakland and to Walter Hood’s office during the planning process. The first Splash Pad Newsletters were emailed beginning circa 2006. Currently, he acts as a contributor to—and publisher of—the monthly Splash Pad News. Keila Diehl proofreads all the copy, filters content as needed, and makes everyone involved look good.