Splash Pad Park – November 2023 Update

by Ken Katz

Last September, in the second of a two-part series of articles, I bewailed the fact that the Splash Pad fountain was still inoperable as a result of being vandalized. As you can see from the above photo which I snapped on a whim during the Farmers Market’s 25th Anniversary, that’s happily no longer the case thanks to PWA employees Taurus Ringold and Stennis Raymond who’ve been doing a superb job maintaining the fountain for the past four years.

Looking at that photo, I can’t help but marvel at how beautiful and how vibrant that scene is despite the underlying infrastructure issues and, for me, that’s all the more reason to preserve and protect the park as much as possible.

Speaking of preserving and protecting the park, a couple of weeks ago, in recognition of City Gardener Christian Boyle’s ongoing support of Splash Pad’s Grand Crew volunteer team, Mary Jo Sutton presented him with a Splash Pad Tenth Anniversary t-shirt — ten years too late but still appreciated.

Unfortunately, the park’s 4th Sunday work day in October got washed out due to rain and, with a couple dozen plants ready to go in the ground, Mary Jo is hoping for better weather and a good turnout for the next volunteer work day on November 26 from 9 to noon. Gloves, tools, and kneeling pads are provided.