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Originally, the Splash Pad Newsletter focused primarily on Splash Pad Park and the Farmers Market which it hosts on Saturday.  Over time, coverage expanded  to include the Grand Lake commercial district and the surrounding residential neighborhoods and eventually (thanks to our anonymous blogger), the commercial strip on Grand Avenue west of 580 up into the Uptown District.

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January 29, 2008 Newsletter. Big news is the closing of the GapKids on Lakeshore to be replaced by an “Out of the Closet” thrift shop. Also a report on proposed safety improvements on Lakeshore; a tribute to seasonal foods; dog-sitting at the farmers market; and crossing my fingers, hoping that my Narcissus blooms February 7, Chinese New Years.

January 9, 2008 Newsletter. Splashpad/Farmers Market Advisory Group immediate action recommendations and year-end report. Also, closing of See’s Candies and opening of Vine plus the Vintner’s Hall proposal, homeless issues and much more.


The Newsletter for November 30, 2007reports on Christmas trees; helping Lakeview School; entertainment for the month of December; helping the arts program at Lincoln Child Center; the departure of Officer Kim and the proposed transfer of our Neighborhood Services Coordinator, Hoang Banh.


The Newsletter for November 9, 2007reported on changes in the Grand Lake commercial district including the opening of Trader Joe’s and a new bar and grill on Grand called The Prime Spot. Also in the news, volunteers are needed for a freeway beautification project that is set to begin on Sunday, November 18. Other volunteer opportunities are available at Project Homeless Connect and Oakland’s 16th annual Thanksgiving Dinner.
The October 18, 2007 Newsletter featured merchant news (including plans for Trader Joe’s Grand Opening) and Yelp reviews of local businesses. Also in the news, upcoming Halloween festivities and changes to the Entertainment Calendar which now includes live entertainment at other venues.
The Newsletter for September 28, 2007 featured comments about the Fourth Anniversary of the revitalized Splash Pad Park and a call for volunteers to assist with continuing maintenance.
The August 31, 2007 Newsletter included a Grand Lake District merchant report on the upcoming openings of Trader Joe’s, Walgreen’s and ViNE. News from the Farmers Market included a link to the Entertainment calendar for September and comments about the absence of Panorama Baking due to illness. We also reported on the upcoming American Society of Landscape Architects Eastbay tour that would commence at Splash Pad and our plans to schedule one or more volunteer workdays in September to help spruce up the park. Finally, we shared information about Odette Pollar’s ambitious plan to sponsor a free plant exchange October 6.
Big news in the July 30, 2007 Newsletter was a Chef Demo the following Saturday featuring Bryant Terry and Anna Lappe, the co-authors of “GRUB”. Event was also to include a presentation by the producers of “The Meatrix”. This issue also included publicity for the Grand Avenue Block Party, a Bay Area String Orchestra Concert and a Bellevue Club fundraiser. Also included: follow-up comments for the geese management meeting and a summary of Splash Pad website improvements.
The July 11, 2007 Newsletter included a report on new businesses on Grand and Lakeshore and featured a hearty thank-you to Jaime Salazar and other Public Works employees who have refurbished the Splash Pad fountain.
The June, 2007 Newsletter acknowledged Oakland Magazine’s once again naming the Grand Lake Farmers Market the best in Oakland and discussed the positive affects this winter’s deep freeze had on local stone fruits.
The April 4, 2007 Newsletter featured a message from Pat Kernighan in response to a rumor that the Farmers Market was going to be forced to close due to objections from neighborhood merchants. Pat outlined the purpose and make-up of the newly-formed Splash Pad Park Advisory Group which will be addressing some very specific problems while looking for ways the presence of the market can more directly benefit the adjacent commercial district. Also featured were kudos to Splash Pad gardener, Roger Helm and his supervisor, David Skinner for their pivotal role in improving the park’s appearance–particularly with reference to the lawns which were being inadequately maintained.
The following archived reports predate the emailed newsletter and were originally posted on the Splash Pad home page.



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