Splash Pad News – January 2003

Our community-based design and traffic committees used the results of that survey to draft a long, very diverse list of recommended improvements. Those recommendations were subsequently refined and expanded upon by the project architect, Hood Design, during the course of three community meetings. Project plans have been approved; $800,000 has been budgeted and construction is about to begin late in January. Construction is expected to take approximately six months with a community wide celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremonies in the works for sometime next summer.

*Make a Splash Fundraising:*

The only missing element in current improvement plans is a water feature or, more specifically, the funds that will allow its inclusion in the form of a people friendly fountain.  Contributors also have the following options:

* A donation of at least $75 will put your name (or that of your
kids, pets, business, etc.) up in lights alongside the fountain in
Splash Pad Park. We also have a special “In Memory” section that will allow you to honor a loved one in a very permanent and meaningful fashion. A /*Name in Lights* /will also make a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and so forth. Custom-made cards for any occasion are available with your order. You may order online or do so at the Farmers Market Saturdays between 9 and 2.

* Buy a Fountain Pizza at Spettro and $2 of the purchase price will help fund the fountain.

* For a $25 donation, “Splish Splash, Thanks for the Cash” t-shirts are available Saturdays at the Farmers Market; at George’s Dry Cleaning, 3310 Lakeshore or The Upaya Center for Wellbeing, 478 Santa Clara.

* In order to reach our goal, we are also counting on larger
contributions from individuals and the business community. Donations in excess of $500 will be recognized with tiered
benefits based on the amount of the donation. We also need volunteers to spread the word by encouraging friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates to help put the splash back in Splash Pad Park. If you wish to join our fundraising committee, staff a table, help distribute our “Make a Splash” fundraising brochures or have other suggestions please email us at spnf@california.com.

*Latest News:

* Fundraising receipts are now roughly $27,000 which is about 50% of our goal. Recent donations include $750 from Eric Hughes and Priscilla Wanerus and $275 from Harry Yagligian’s Original Kaspers on Telegraph at Shattuck.

* The Farmers Market will continue to operate year-round, but will temporarily relocate under the freeway while construction is underway.

* One very large section of planting bed adjacent to the Splash Pad Fountain has been set aside for California natives and it will be planted and maintained by members of the community. Volunteers for this committee now number about fifteen. If you’re interested in participating in the planning and/or planting process, please contact us by phone or email.