Splash Pad News – December 2021

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to report that last month’s News broke the record for “Opens” and a near-record for “Clicks.” You can help us reach an even wider audience by sharing this month’s edition with friends, neighbors and family–all of whom will want to know why C. J. “just wants to curl up and dye.” Happy holidays everyone!

I Just Want to Curl Up and Dye
by C. J. Hirschfield – I grew up in Los Angeles, where looks are, if not everything, then at least hugely important. And even though I left for good when I was 18, the imagined stigma of unloveliness remains with me. I am also a pretty frugal person and don’t want to spend a ton of money in pursuit of beauty. I do my own manicures and pedicures and have never invested in coloring my increasingly silver hair. There is only one part of my body upon which I lavish my full attention: my eyes. I think they’re my best feature, so mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow heavily populate my bathroom drawer. For my entire adult life, my daily routine…   Continue Reading

Grand Avenue Merchant News – November 2021
by Ken Katz – We don’t typically spend a lot of time in beauty supply stores or barber shops, but a Friday afternoon visit to Grand Avenue turned out to be a treasure trove of information and photo opportunities. Mimi Moon, the owner of J & J Beauty Supply, says she’s been in business at 3242 Grand for eighteen years and their inventory includes “everything from head to toe,” including jewelry and clothing. Wigs account for a big percentage of their sales, however, with many of their buyers being cancer patients dealing with hair loss. Others simply want a different color…   Continue Reading

Lakeshore BID – November 2021
by Kira Pascoe – Join us for an enchanting family-friendly evening with local high school students as carolers and elves with candy canes! The Holiday Lakeshore Stroll is a wonderful time to enjoy all Lakeshore has to offer to find holiday treats, enjoy shopping, meals and food. Be sure to enter the raffle with prizes in gift baskets from Lakeshore businesses! All raffle proceeds go to the Alameda County Community Food Bank. The Holiday Lakeshore Stroll has many ways to support local businesses.  The stroll will be on Lakeshore and Lake Park Aves from 4:00-8:00 pm on Thursday, December 16.    Continue Reading

Splash Pad Park: Past, Present, Future
by Ken Katz – Splash Pad Park will reach a milestone — it’s 20-year Anniversary in October 2023 — and I’m hoping we can celebrate with events honoring designer Walter Hood and all the folks who helped get the park built, as well as those who have done their very best to maintain, promote, and otherwise support it ever since. If you’re not already aware of the park’s history, we’d highly recommend SplashPad.org’s “About” page, which focuses mainly on the circumstances that led up to the construction of the new park. As for the present, eighteen years of wear and tear are…   Continue Reading

Farmers Market Updates – December 2021
by Dan Foster – New Market Participants joining sometime in 2022:
Xulo – handmade tortillas made with local animal fat, with vegan options as well 
Juicy Bottle Service – small batch pre-bottled juices
Fogline Farm – renowned ranch in Santa Cruz that mainly raises chickens
Oya Organics – Organic Farm from Hollister selling row crops and a variety of value-added items made from their crops. 
Out for Season: Kashiwase and Fenella’s Berries.   Continue Reading 

Odds and Ends – December 2021 Highlights
*Parking in Lake Park lot reduced to $1 per hour with ten hour maximum.
* Allen Michaan/Grand Lake Theatre  interview available online.
*Wilma Chan Memorial Service next Wednesday
*New mural for Trader Joe’s/Walgreens building   

*Raul Audelo, to whom the Splash Pad News is forever indebted, recently named Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at National Recreation and Park Association   Continue Reading

Splash Pad Calendar
by Sheila McCormick

December 2, Thursday 2:00pm
Community memorial in tribute to the life and legacy of County Supervisor Wilma Chan.  

Register here

December 2, Thursday 12:30-1:30pm In the ballroom or via ZOOM and Facebook live*
Oakland Rotary Civic Thursday Meeting – Professor Scott Stephens live in the ballroom or via ZOOM and Facebook. 

Addressing Forest Fires in California’s New Climate Reality

We all know this: Our forests are burning. The challenges seem insurmountable: climate change; decades of mismanagement; growing urban-forest interface.

Our speaker Professor Scott Stephens heads UCBerkeley’s Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. He is also an optimist, provided we aggressively pursue prescribed burning, incorporate indigenous forest management practices, and emphasize the post-fire structure of our forests. We have options, says Professor Stephens; the next two decades will be critical.

December 3, Friday, 7:00-8:00pm *LIVE EVENT via ZOOM*
Rotary Nature Center Friends

Lakeside Chat #13: Winter Birds @ Lake Merritt

Winter birds come thousands of miles every winter, some of them, to Lake Merritt in the heart of urban Oakland. Join us as Golden Gate Audubon Naturalist Clay Anderson leads a walk to find and learn more about the birds hanging out at Lake Merritt. Clay was awarded Bay Nature’s Local Hero Award in 2021 for his inspirational work as Youth Coordinator and Program Manager at the Golden Gate Audubon Society. Register here.

December 6, Monday, 4:00-5:00pm *LIVE EVENT*
The Marine Mammal Center

Marine Mammal Monday: Seal and Sea Lion Superstars

This month we reminisce about our seal and sea lion superstars of 2021! Dozens of marine mammals, ranging from California sea lions to endangered Hawaiian monk seals, were rescued this year. Learn about how our team of dedicated volunteers and veterinarians are able to heal these sick, injured and orphaned patients so that they can be released to their ocean home for the holidays. Register here  and View here. 

December 9, Thursday 12:30-1:30pm In the ballroom or via ZOOM and Facebook live*
Oakland Rotary Civic Thursday Meeting – Chris and Jana Pastena

December 9, Thursday, 9:00-11:00am  *LIVE EVENT*
Save Mount Diablo

Eighth Annual Mary Bowerman Science and Research Colloquium

Dr. Mary Leolin Bowerman co-founded Save Mount Diablo in 1971. Mary was a botanist and a student of the flora of Mount Diablo for over 70 years. In her honor, Save Mount Diablo established the Mary Bowerman Science and Research Program in 2013. In addition to facilitating research on and around the mountain by offering micro-grant awards, one of the goals of the program is to share valuable findings and management implications for Mount Diablo’s natural resources with the public. The Colloquium will inform other scientists, researchers, and the general public about ongoing projects and discoveries in the Diablo Range. Register here

December 9, Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm *LIVE EVENT via ZOOM*
California Native Plant Society, Yerba Buena Chapter

Protecting San Francisco Bay from Invasive Spartina

San Francisco Bay is more than a defining geographic feature: it is home to hundreds of types of fish, birds, and other wildlife, and provides food and shelter to abundant resident and visiting wildlife. Many are unaware that the Bay, the largest estuary on the west coast of North America, is in a league with Chesapeake Bay on the east coast and the Mississippi Delta on the gulf coast. While humans appreciate its beauty and presence, millions of birds use the Bay as a critical stopover point on their migration along the Pacific Flyway each year, finding food and shelter in the saltmarshes and tidal mudflats. But these places are under threat, not just from sea level rise but also from invasive plants. In the 1970s, well-meaning engineers planted Atlantic cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) for erosion control. Unfortunately, it began to spread, displacing the native vegetation, and altering vegetation communities. Since 2005, the Coastal Conservancy’s Invasive Spartina Project has used airboats, genetic testing, sophisticated GIS, and a lot of hard work to push back the invasive cordgrass. Learn about how hometown heroes are doing their part to address the global biodiversity crisis. Register here. 

December 15, Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm via ZOOM
Grand Lake Neighbors Meeting

Look for login information on their Facebook page

December 16, Thursday 12:30-1:30pm In the ballroom or via ZOOM and Facebook live*
Oakland Rotary Civic Thursday Meeting – David Moschler

Awesome Orchestra

December 16, Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm  *Webinar*

The Recology Artist in Residence Program

The Artist in Residence (AIR) Program at Recology San Francisco is a unique art and education program that provides Bay Area artists with access to discarded materials, a stipend, and a large studio space at the Recology San Francisco Transfer Station. By supporting artists who work with recycled materials, Recology hopes to encourage people to conserve natural resources and promote new ways of thinking about art and the environment. Over 4000 children and adults visit the San Francisco Transfer Station and Recycle Central annually through the Recology Tour Program. Residents learn the importance of resource recovery and how their actions can impact the environment. The Webinar will look at the journey of the Artist in Residence Program from founder Jo Hanson’s original inspiration to the world-renowned program it is today. You will learn what makes this program unique, how it has stayed successful year after year, and the impact it has had on the local arts community. We will end with a review of some of the work created by past artists, and hear from a different current or past artist. Register here.

December 31, Friday 2:00-3:00pm   *LIVE EVENT via ZOOM*
African American Museum and Library at Oakland

Furaha ya Kwanzaa (Joy of the First Fruits) 

Make AAMLO part of your celebration of Furaha ya Kwanzaa (Joy of the First Fruits) as you focus on Kuumba (creativity), the principle for the sixth day. Chief Curator Bamidele Agbasegbe Demerson shares an engaging slide/powerpoint presentation examining the cultural memories of Africa that resonate in Black American folklore and visual arts. In spite of the transatlantic middle passage, slavery, and ravages of twentieth century social change, Black Americans remembered—and continue to remember—African derived creative traditions that imprint quilts, walking sticks, other wood carvings, baskets, pottery, musical instruments, bottle trees, grave decorations and more.

The presentation will leave you shouting, “Through the power of kuumba (creativity), ‘We are an African people!’”  Register here

Sheila McCormick is an Adjunct Professor Emerita in Cal’s Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. Prior to her retirement in January 2016, she had a research lab at the USDA/ARS-UC-Berkeley Plant Gene Expression Center in Albany, studying the molecular biology of plant reproduction. She also helps with editing and is a frequent contributor to the Splash Pad News, beginning with a series of seven neighborhood walks – the first of which was posted in April 2017.






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