Splash Pad News – December 2020

Editor’s Note: This month, inspired by the election of Kamala Harris, a child of immigrants who was born here in Oakland, we’re extremely pleased to be sharing articles by Marcia Lam and the Patel Family – the first in a series of posts about some of the many immigrant families who own and operate Grand Lake businesses and who are such an integral part of this community. We’re also happy to welcome to our ranks as a new contributor, Ashley Ragus, the Outreach Coordinator for the Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council – 15x. And lastly,  how about a round of applause for Eve Lurie, who walked us (step by step) through a major upgrade of the Splash Pad News format.



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  1. Karen Hunt Avatar
    Karen Hunt

    As always, the newsletter gives a feeling of community, which is especially welcome in a time when we are all separated. Thanks to everyone who contributes and to Ken for his faithful leadership.