Splash Pad News – August 2023

Grand Avenue Merchant News
by Ken Katz – There were two big events on Grand Avenue this month beginning with an Art Walk on July 20 that was organized primarily by Tracey Williams from Urban University with a big assist from Jason Canepa from Radbird who designed the poster. Originally, seven shops were scheduled to participate: Megadeluxe, 8am Style, Radbird, Alyce on Grand, Urban Furniture and Boutique, and Brother and Sisters Flower Shop plus a final stop for food and libations at Sister Restaurant. Happily, ReLove and Bake Sum were late additions. Rumor is that the next Art Walk will be in September and at least a couple of other shops are likely to join in.Three days later, TwoTwo hosted a pop-up marketplace featuring ten artists and designers. Falkor, the pup…. CONTINUE READING 

Hood Design Photo

Splash Pad Park: A Victim of Circumstance?
by Ken Katz – As I’ve mentioned several times previously, I’m planning to retire at the end of the year. So, unless someone steps up to the plate (which would be wonderful!), the December issue of the Splash Pad News will be our last. What I haven’t mentioned is that I also plan to give up my title (which I’ve held for the past twenty years) as the official Splash Pad Park Steward. Based on the current status of the park’s infrastructure, you might conclude that I’ve done a pretty lousy job, since the fountain isn’t working and the supports for the wood deck where Anfilo Coffee sets up on Saturdays rotted out many years ago, posing a major tripping hazard. The same can be said for a buckled …  CONTINUE READING 

Farmers Market
The newest vendor at the Grand Lake Market is Yaqueline Y Su which specializes in Cuban Criolla food. To get a better idea as to her menu, we’d highly recommend a visit to her website and, while you’re at it check out a YouTube video shot in the Copper Spoon Kitchen on Broadway where she’s hard at work with a Cuban trio singing in the background. As we noted last month, the artisans selling at the market on Saturdays were in 100% agreement that their new location along Lake Park Avenue was highly problematic. In response to which, AIM’s top management scheduled a meeting last week at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. Approximately, fifteen artisans attended — each of whom explained that they do this for a living….    CONTINUE READING

Odds and Ends
The above photos were taken circa 2014 when Shakewell first opened. Nine years later, we regret reporting that Shakewell is changing hands — partly due to a major drop in business during the pandemic from which they never recovered. From what I’ve heard, most of the staff will be staying including the two chefs who just preserved Shakewell’s status as the Best Brunch spot in the East Bay. In addition, the menu will remain similar if not the same. In an email yesterday, Tim said this: There is no date set. The liquor license could take time. We don’t know how long. Jen has been gone for a year now. So it’s just me. This has been an amazing journey, now it’s time for another. I have built…  CONTINUE READING

August 2023 Calendar
by Sheila McCormick –
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August 2023 Calendar of the Month
1910 Cleopatra Calendar






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