Splash Pad News – August 2022

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Grand Avenue Merchant News – August 2022
by Ken Katz -This past Thursday, an Art Walk on Grand Avenue involved six locally-owned local businesses: Radbird, Megadeluxe, Alyce on Grand, Urban Furniture & Boutique, Brother & Sisters Flower Shop, and Sister Restaurant. The initial stimulus for the event came from Tracey Williams, the Founder and Executive Director of Urban University, who was one of the mainstays of the Grand Avenue First Thursdays event that ran successfully from 2013 until 2016 when participation began to decline. Hopefully, this will be remembered as the kickoff for a much longer and even more successful regularly-scheduled event on Grand Avenue. The evening’s highlight was Tracey’s lengthy introduction of their featured artist for the month, Jennifer Bobrow, the Urban Gem jeweler who specializes in earrings. Tracey’s spoke of …   CONTINUE READING

Lakeshore BID – August 2022 Highlights
by Kira Pascoe -Lakeshore is shining this summer with several winners in the Reader’s Choice Best of Oakland and East Bay (as well as finalists), including Best Chef, Best Burrito, Best Hot Dog, Best Bakery, and Best Farmer Market. Go Lakeshore!Businesses on Lakeshore outdoing themselves with innovative happy hours and delectable treats, creating exciting weekday happenings to explore. Plus, there are a couple of new retro finds for discovery or nostalgia, fun either way.A HUGE congrats to Shakewell for their eighth anniversary on Lakeshore. We are so lucky you have Shakewell in our community! BEST OF OAKLAND WINNERS: Best Chef – Jen Biesty, Shakewell. Best Bakery – Arizmendi. Best Gift Shop – Urban Indigo. Best hot dog – Top Dog. Best Brunch – Shakewell. Best Farmers Market – Grand Lake.   CONTINUE READING

Farmers Market Updates – August 2022
by Dan Foster – AIM CEO, Andy Naja-Riese, was the Guest Speaker at the Oakland Rotary Club’s Civic Thursday meeting last week. Topics covered included the challenges facing farm operators particularly in the face of the pandemic and global warming; AIM’s efforts to support farms and food preparers who are from minority communities; the Grand Lake Markets ongoing programs that make wholesome locally grown produce accessible for low-income individuals and families and lots more. A video of the entire meeting is available on this link but, if you want to skip to Ruth Stroup’s introduction of Andy, fast-forward to the thirty-minute mark.
MARKET PARTICIPANT SPOTLIGHT:  Tha MF’n Vegan is creating Smack’n Nourishing Plant-Powered/ Vegan food and beverages.  CONTINUE READING

Splash Pad Park Update – August 2022
We’re thrilled to report that a Public Works crew completed the re-installation of the Ipe decking in the Splash Pad Plaza on Thursday. That said, some additional work will be needed to resolve a major tripping hazard where a section of the adjacent concrete has lifted — most likely due to roots from the nearby Canary Palm. In addition, the decking where Anfilo Coffee sets up also needs new ledgers and that work has not yet been scheduled. As I think we’ve mentioned before, the repairs are taking an extremely long time due largely to short-staffing throughout the Public Works Department. This has been issue for decades and it’s why the Splash Pad Neighborhood Forum lobbied for a community garden twenty years ago when the construction plans were being finalized. If the City of Oakland progressive tax ….  CONTINUE READING 

Odds & Ends
Governor Newsom has a proposal designed “to prod mentally ill homeless people into treatment. Two press reports discuss the pros and cons. 
The Oaklandside obituary for Willie Ellis, “Lake Merritt’s Mayor.”
Oakland CHP hosted a car-seat safety program in the AIM High School playground on July 16.   CONTINUE READING

August 2022 Calendar
by Sheila McCormick
This month’s picks: 
August 5, Friday, 7-8pm *ZOOM* Rotary Nature Center Friends. Lakeside Chat #21 – Corrina Gould in Ohlone Territory of Huichun/Oakland.
August 7, Sunday, 10am-12:30pm *In Person* Trading Terraces — an OHA walking tour of the Linda Vista Tract 
August 14, Sunday, 1:30-4:30pm *In Person* Main Oakland Public Library – Rock Paper Scissors Collective’s Community Art Workshop Series.
For the full calendar, please click on this link

August 2022 Calendar of the Month