Splash Pad News – April 2022

Editor’s Note: Our March edition had some stiff competition for your attention. Namely, President Biden’s State of the Union address. If you missed out on reading Jerry Barclay’s profile of Landscape Architect David Thorne and/or our report on Caltrans’ plans to demolish the pedestrian bridge over 580, we’d highly recommend both. 

Grand Avenue Merchant News – April 2022
by Ken Katz –

  • Grand Works Office Building reopens: Piedmont Neuroscience Center a prime tenant
  • Studio Fit Life at 3241 Grand now open and owner Eddy Aguirre is feeling fit
  • Wes Garcia, owner of newly-opened Megadeluxe Custom Caps likes the block’s “spicy vibe.”
  • Norge Laundry and Dry Cleaning Village in foreclosure
  • Plus Lots More! – CONTINUE READING

Lakeshore BID – April 2022 Highlights
by Kira Pascoe – 

  • Easter Parade on 4/21
  • Happenings on Lakeshore
  • Giving Back
  • Behind the Scenes 
  • Welcoming Debra Isreal, Aide to Councilmember Bas 
  • And Lots More! – CONTINUE READING

One Less Bridge to Cross: Part Two
by Ken Katz – Last month’s article about Caltrans tentative plans for upgrades to 580 between Webster Street and Fruitvale came (in 2019) with an estimated budget of 20.9 million dollars. Part of that cost can be attributed to the demolition of the existing pedestrian overcrossing between Santa Clara Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard but the lion’s share would be due to building a replacement POC roughly 750 feet to the west. As an alternative to building a new bridge, the City of Oakland’s Transportation Department is proposing significant traffic, pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements for the impacted areas extending from Grand at MacArthur to the slip lane across the street from the Grand Lake Theatre.  – CONTINUE READING 

Dan Foster’s Farmers Market Updates – April 2022
Market Manager Picks:

  • Glass Onion Farm – Brand new 1/2-acre farm in Sonoma County growing plant starts. I have a basil plant from them in my window that’s doing great.
  • Forever Bloom Farm – Wonderful 5-acre flower farm in Pescadero. They have been in AIM’s markets for a few years but just joined Grand Lake last week. Their bouquets are so beautiful.
  • Rainbow Ranch – Not to be confused with Rainbow Orchards who also attend Grand Lake, Rainbow Ranch is an organic 5-acre farm in Ojai growing avocados, Kishu mandarins, pixie tangerines, and jujubes. The quality of these products is top notch. If you have never had a dried jujube, go get some while you still can!

    Entertainment Schedule: April   2 – Phat Luv Band: Funk, Soul, Rock, and LOVE – CONTINUE READING

Odds and Ends – April 2022
by Ken Katz

  • Vegan Mob moving to Broadway
  • Affordable Housing Construction Delayed
  • Portland Loo Installed at Astro Park
  • Farmers Market’s new Racial Equity Fund
  • Councilmember Bas Schedules another neighborhood clean-up – April 24 – CONTINUE READING 

Editor’s Note:  Sheila McCormick’s calendar is now a separate page that’s more readable; more comprehensive and will now feature a “Calendar of the Month” with photos of a vintage calendar that’s especially colorful or unique.  

Splash Pad Calendar
by Sheila McCormick

This month’s picks: 

  • A Birder Back in Her Patch- Hilary Powers at Lake Merritt
  • Sunday Stories: Frank Oz, from Fairyland to The Muppet Show
  • Chinese Roots in Northern California’s Wine Industry
  • Atlas of Disappearing Places: Our Coasts and Oceans in the Climate Crisis

For the full calendar, please click on this link.