Splash Pad Calendar – June 2023

Splash Pad Calendar
by Sheila McCormick

June 1, Thursday, 5:30-7pm *IN PERSON at Children’s Fairyland* Oakland Rotary Club #3. Speaker: Randal Metz, Puppet Director at Children’s Fairyland. Register here

June 2, Friday, 7-8:30pm. Oakland Public Library.  Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Performances and 2023 Announcement *IN PERSON* Oakstop, 1721 Broadway, Suite 201

June 2, Friday, 7-8pm *ZOOM* Rotary Nature Center Friends. The Age of Plastics Meets the Age of Invasions: How Ocean Rafting, Coastal Development & Climate Change May All Be Related. Presenter: Marine biologist Dr. James T. Carlton. Register here.

June 6, Tuesday,12pm *ZOOM* California Historical Society. John A. Todd: Photographing Mining Pollution in Gold Rush California. Dr. Conohar Scott and Michelle Bogre argue that Todd’s photographs represent a prototype for the relationship that continues between environmental activism and evidential photography that helps hold corporate polluters to account. Register here.

June 6, Tuesday, 7-8pm *ZOOM* SF Library. Liner Notes for the Revolution: The Intellectual Life of Black Feminist Sound. Daphne Brooks will discuss her new book. Register here.

June 7, Wednesday, 1pm *ZOOM* Sacramento Library. The Fun Habit: How the Pursuit of Joy and Wonder Can Change Your Life. Dr. Mike Rucker will discuss his book. Register here.

June 7, Wednesday, 4-5pm *ZOOM* East Hampton Library. Black Pitmasters. The history of American barbeque. Register here.

June 8, Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm *In person or via ZOOM and Facebook Live* Oakland Rotary Club #3.  Speaker: Keri Butkevich, Director of the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir. Read more here.

June 8, Thursday, 5:30-6:30pm *IN PERSON* De Fremery Park, 651 Adeline. Circus Bella- Bananas! Read more here.

June 8, Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm *ZOOM* Bay Area Skeptics. Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes. Speaker: Marc Abrahams, co-founder and editor of the magazine Annals of Improbable Research (AIR), and the author of This is ImprobableThe Ig Nobel Prizes and other books. Register here.

June 10, Saturday, 7:30-9pm *ZOOM* UCLA Film & Television Archive. Imagining Indigenous Cinema: Short Films. Register here.

June 12, Monday, 7-8pm *ZOOM* San Mateo Libraries. Expressions of Gender in Asian Arts. This docent lecture by the Asian Art Museum will explore some of the fascinating ways various Asian cultures have represented people and deities as male, female and non-binary. Register here.

June 13, Tuesday, 6:30-7:30pm *ZOOM* Contra Costa Library. Out in the Tules. Learn the history of a marsh reed called tule that has built our soil and shaped the Delta. Register here.

June 14, Wednesday, 11am-12pm *ZOOM* Monterey Bay Aquarium. Drift. Jeff Millisen will discuss the new exhibition Into The Deep and how it helps people connect with the deeper, darker 2/3’s of our planet. Register here.

June 14, Wednesday, 7pm *ZOOM* Friends of the Alameda Library. Beyond Bollywood: 2,000 Years of Dance in Art. Docent talk about the exhibit at the Asian Art Museum. Register here.

June 15,  Thursday, 12-1pm *ZOOM* Keller. Seismic Stability of PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Register here.

June 15, Thursday,12:30-1:30pm *ZOOM* Rotary Club #3.  Speaker: Aerial/Terrestrian Photographer Barrie Rokeach. Read more here.

June 15, Thursday, 4:30-5:45pm *ZOOM* Linda Hall Library. Beyond the Box Score: Baseball in the Analytics Era. Moderator Brian Kenny and a panel of experts will discuss the role of Big Data in baseball, its impact on the history of the game, and what it means for the future. Register here.

June 15, Thursday, 6-7:30pm *IN PERSON* Main Library, Bradley Walters Auditorium, 125 14th St. Oakland History Alliance/Oakland History Center. Placing Yourself in History: The Challenge of Writing Memoir. Dorothy Lazard, retired OPL librarian, will speak about her process in writing her memoir What You Don’t Know Will Make a Whole New World, about growing up in the Bay Area.

June 19, Monday, 4pm *ZOOM* AARP. A conversation with Opal Lee. Hear from the Grandmother of Juneteenth, now 96, who has dedicated her life to makeing sure that the historical signifcance of Juneteenth is not forgotten. Register here.

June 20, Tuesday, 6:30-7:30pm *ZOOM* SF Library. North Beach Through Time. Presenter: Historian Catherine Accardi. Register here.

June 21, Wednesday, 12-1pm *ZOOM* Japan Society of Northern California. Robots Won’t Save Japan: An Ethnography of Eldercare Automation. James Wright will discuss his book. Register here.

June 21, Wednesday, 4pm *ZOOM* AARP. A Conversation with Sheila E. Celebrate her 50 years in the music industry. Register here.

June 21, Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm *ZOOM* Marin Library. Docent Lecture: Dressed to Thrill: Fashion in Art at the Legion of Honor. Register here.

June 21, Wednesday, 7-8:30pm  Grand Lake Neighbors. Crime Prevention Council Meeting.  Barnett Hall behind Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church.

June 22, Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm  *In person or via ZOOM and Facebook Live* Oakland Rotary Club #3. Speaker: California State Treasurer Fiona Ma. Read more here.

June 25, Sunday, 9am-12pm *In person* Splash Pad Grand Crew. Fourth Sunday Volunteer Work Day. Gloves and tools provided, or bring your own for weeding, pruning, litter pick-up, and planting.

June 26, Monday, 6:30-7:30pm *ZOOM* Contra Costa Library. The Pacific Flyway. Every year millions of birds use the Bay Area as an important stop on their migration between Alaska and South America. Register here.

June 27, Tuesday, 6-7:30pm *ZOOM* SF Library. Grotto Nights at the Library: A Conversation with Writers. Featuring The Writers Grotto members  Louise Nayer and Saila Kariat on Searching for Home. Register here.

June 28, Wednesday, 6:30pm *ZOOM* Friends of Alameda Library. You Are Not Expected to Understand This: The 26 Lines of Code that Changed the World. Computer code is the result of very human decisions, ones we all live with when we use social media, take photos, drive our cars, and engage in a host of other activities. Editor Torie Busch in conversation with one of the contributors, tech writer David Cassell. Register here.

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Sheila McCormick is an Adjunct Professor Emerita in Cal’s Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. Prior to her retirement in January 2016, she had a research lab at the USDA/ARS-UC-Berkeley Plant Gene Expression Center in Albany, studying the molecular biology of plant reproduction. She also helps with editing and is a frequent contributor to the Splash Pad News, beginning with a series of seven neighborhood walks – the first of which was posted in April 2017.