Pancho Pescador Awaken Mural

We’ve titled the above photo collage, “What a Difference a Couple of Weeks Makes,” which seems like an obvious choice when you view the before and after photos we grabbed from muralist Pancho Pescador’s Facebook page. Pancho is a prolific and highly regarded muralist. The Local Wiki page has twenty-five of his murals listed — which is very likely incomplete and one of those murals was the focus of the documentary, “Alice Street” that C. J. Hirschfield reviewed in the October 2020 edition of the Splash Pad News. This particular mural at 3515 Grand Avenue was commissioned by Dr. Kenda Burke, owner of Awaken Chiropractic (Awaken is the title of the mural). In 2011, Dr. Burke pulled out all the pavers in the office’s front yard and planted a wonderfully maintained garden. Intentionally or not, the garden and the mural now seem to be of one piece.