Our Immigration Stories

The immigrant bashing this nation endured for the past five years is especially problematic and counter-productive given the fact that the United States is and has always been a nation of immigrants who are and have always been an essential key to our economic well-being. As our way of countering these attacks while simultaneously helping to promote the Grand Lake district, the Splash Pad News is hoping to publish an ongoing series of articles recounting the stories of first generation-owned businesses that help to enrich our neighborhood shopping district. 

Participants have the option of writing their own stories, which we will help edit as necessary, or agree to a phone interview. While keeping in mind that each story is unique, you may get a rough idea of what we have in mind by reading the life stories we’ve published thus far:  





If you’re interested in participating or simply want more information, please send us an email to info@splashpad.org. 

Ken Katz