Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Neighborhoods install their own cameras

“Oakland HOAs are quietly installing surveillance cameras to watch public roads.”  That’s the headline of an Oaklandside story that just happened to cover a major topic of discussion at the March Grand Lake Neighbors meeting. Members of the Lakeshore Homes HOA talked about the process of getting and installing cameras, getting buy-in from HOA members, and the value of tracking cars coming through their neighborhood. While there was interest among many at the meeting, everyone had to acknowledge that installing cameras is both an expensive proposition and also difficult to accomplish if a neighborhood does not already have a homeowners’ association. And of course, civil liberties questions abound.

The Oaklandside article does a great job covering the pros and cons. 

Restaurant Closures

It’s not new news, but we didn’t want to neglect reporting on the loss of a few restaurants that have graced our neighborhood for many years. Since 2011, Caña was a Latin fusion restaurant open six days a week on Lake Park. Sundays were always a party, with customers streaming onto the sidewalk, dancing to live music. Caña closed in March.

On the other side of the freeway, we’ve sadly also lost Sidebar, which had great food and a fabulous bar.  Open for 15 years, it closed in February. Fortunately, the space at 542 Grand Ave. will now serve as an overflow and event space for Bardo, the Lakeshore Avenue restaurant that took ownership of Sidebar a few years back.

By debra chaplan

Debra Chaplan became the publisher of the Splashpad News in February 2024. She’s lived in the Grand Lake neighborhood for 30 years. With a career doing communications and educational programming for several unions, she’s pleased to use those skills for the neighborhood and city that she loves.