Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends – September 2023

This year’s Autumn Lights Festival is scheduled for October 12-14. If you haven’t previously attended, it’s a fabulous event with all proceeds benefitting the Gardens at Lake Merritt. It’s also an event that regularly sells out — so we’d recommend purchasing early-bird tickets at a discounted price.  You can do so starting today (September 1) by clicking on this Gardens at Lake Merritt link.

Last month, we reported that Shakewell was about to change hands. Here’s a brief excerpt from a Tim Nugent message that provides some more details:

Rest assured: Shakewell isn’t going anywhere. It’s here to stay, as vibrant and soulful as ever. The same friendly faces will still greet you, and you’ll savor Chef Holly’s incredible creations just like before. I’ve worked hard to find a new owner who shares my love for Shakewell and is equally committed to preserving its uniqueness. Soroush Ghaderi, the fantastic owner of Mama’s Royal Cafe, is stepping in to lead and he is determined to uphold Shakewell’s culture exactly as it is.

In a separate message, Tim gave a heartfelt plug for the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir which “has been lifting spirits in Oakland for 38 years!” Businesses can provide support by becoming sponsors. Individuals can do so by attending their holiday concert at the Paramount. Tickets are already available online.

Oakland’s annual Pride Parade and Festival take place on Sunday, September 10th — preceded by a bar crawl the day before. Hats off to all the staff and volunteers at the LGBTQ Center right here on Lakeshore that help make this event a huge success.

Lake Merritt Project Improves Oxygen Levels and Water Quality for Wildlife

Oakland installed a new aeration fountain in Lake Merritt — one piece of an ongoing effort to maintain healthy conditions for fish and wildlife at the Lake. This new device is part of the Lake Merritt Water Quality Management Pilot Project, initiated in response to the 2022 Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB). The Pilot is designed to begin addressing excessive algae growth and the low dissolved oxygen levels associated with the fish kill.

By mixing air into the water, the fountain will improve dissolved oxygen levels in the Lake, helping to maintain an oxygenated refuge for aquatic life near the fountain. The design and spray settings on the new fountain maximize benefit to wildlife.

While these devices cannot prevent HABs, they are one tool that—together with other interventions—may help mitigate their impact on the Lake.

Oakland Police Communication Dispatcher Information Night is August 30 

Editor’s Note: In case you haven’t been paying attention, OPD has a huge communications problem. I’ve called 911 twice recently regarding homeless issues and waited 30 minutes the first time and 10 minutes the second without getting through. This is due, in large part, to inadequate staffing. This is a very-demanding but well-paying job — so please share this with anyone who may be interested. Meanwhile, in the event of a fire or medical emergency, call the Fire Department Emergency number instead: (510) 444-1616.

The Oakland Police Department (OPD) is hosting a Police Communications Dispatcher Information Night on August 30 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

OPD will have representatives present to answer questions regarding the recruitment process, and members of the 911 Center will be on hand to discuss training, expectations, and the types of calls we service.