Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends – August 2023

The above photos were taken circa 2014 when Shakewell first opened. Nine years later, we regret reporting that Shakewell is changing hands — partly due to a major drop in business during the pandemic from which they never recovered. From what I’ve heard, most of the staff will be staying including the two chefs who just preserved Shakewell’s status as the Best Brunch spot in the East Bay. In addition, the menu will remain similar if not the same. In an email yesterday, Tim said this:

There is no date set. The liquor license could take time. We don’t know how long. Jen has been gone for a year now. So it’s just me.
This has been an amazing journey, now it’s time for another. I have built a kingdom around community. This has been an amazing 9 years. My love of Oakland made this all happen. And some damn good food too. Lol

At the Grand Lake Neighbors meeting on  July 19, the majority of the discussion revolved around crime issues but also about the many vacant storefronts on Lakeshore. A comprehensive copy of the meeting minutes can be accessed here. The August meeting will be on the 16th from 7–8:30pm in Barnett Hall up the driveway to the left of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church.

A July 5 Oaklandside article was titled, Will Oakland’s Movie Theaters Survive? Their conclusion regarding the Grand Lake Theatre specifically is that although revenue is roughly half of what it used to be, it is improving. More importantly, since Michaan owns the building, it’s here to stay.

In a 2020 article in the Splash Pad News, Gehry Oatey laid out his detailed plans for a Food Court in the vacant lot at the corner of Lakeshore and MacArthur that used to be a Chevron gas station. Groundbreaking for his project has been stalled while efforts have been underway to remove toxic waste below the surface. This recent article in Marketplace predicts a plethora of abandoned gas stations in the coming years.