Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends – April 2023

A fond farewell to Kira Pascoe who has served as the Lakeshore BID’s part-time Co-Director (along with Carol Knight) for nearly five years. Kira revolutionized the position — upgrading the monthly blog, helping organize special events, and actively working to promote Lakeshore and Lake Park businesses — especially when it was so critical during the early months of the pandemic. At the same time, a big welcome to her replacement — Racheal Knight Scott.

The City of Oakland will be celebrating Earth Day in three weeks — mostly on Saturday, the 22nd. There are approximately fifty locations listed on the event page — four of which are in or adjacent to Lake Merritt. Due to the presence of the Farmers Market, Earth Day at Splash Pad Park is celebrated on Sundays. We’ll be weeding, pruning, cleaning and most importantly, filling a lot of holes in the landscaping with new California Native plants. Hours are 9 to Noon followed by a light lunch. Gloves and tools will be provided — although you’re welcome to bring your own. Please RSVP by email listing the number of adults attending plus the number of children, if any. P.S. Due to scheduling conflicts, the Morcom Rose Garden will have a special work day on April 9 from 10-2.

Oakland Magazine’s BEST OF  Ballot is online and voting closes at midnight on April 5. Businesses on Lakeshore and Grand, whichhave done exceedingly well in past years, need our continued support.

In our June 2022 Grand Avenue Merchant Update, we wrote about the need to facilitate conversion of office buildings into apartments or condominiums based on information provided by Sid Lakireddy, owner of the office building on Grand Avenue that was totally refurbished and recently reopened. Nine months later, we’re pleased to report that Assemblyman Matt Haney has introduced AB 1532 which is intended to do just that. Asked for his response, Mr. Lakireddy said it was a start but not nearly enough.  

One of the Farmers Market’s most essential goals is to serve as a small-business incubator. Starter Bakery did just that — recently opening a cafe in the Rockridge District as reported by NOSH.




2 responses to “Odds and Ends – April 2023”

  1. Tina Monaco Avatar
    Tina Monaco

    Hello, I may have missed this, but is a slice house moving into the long, vacated India Palace restaurant? Any news on new businesses moving into the other vacant buildings?

    Thank you for keeping us, the neighbors, informed of the happenings in our neighborhood.

    We moved into our home in Cleveland Heights in September 1986. We’ve seen lots of changes over the years.

    1. Ken Katz Avatar
      Ken Katz


      Totally agree that there have been lots of changes over the years and the article about Starbucks closure details the status of multiple properties which should answer your questions. Here’s the link: https://splashpad.org/2023/04/starbucks-closure-adds-to-a-long-list-of-vacancies/