Officer Tuan Le

Mourning Officer Tuan Le

Early Friday morning, Officer Tuan Le was fatally shot on undercover patrol as he and his partner approached a robbery in progress in the 400 block of Embarcadero Avenue. Only 36 years old and in his 4th year of service in the Oakland Police Department, he leaves behind a loving wife and a long list of friends, fellow officers, and members of the community who’ve come to respect and admire him for his kindness and professionalism. At a time when it’s so very difficult to adequately express grief, we’re grateful to Jim Hopkins, the long-time Pastor at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, for sharing the following message, which he wrote for the Interfaith Council of Alameda County. We encourage readers to share their comments as well.

It is with heavy hearts that we reflect on the killing, in the line of duty, of Oakland Police Officer Tuan Le. Moments like this must be cause for somber reflection on the danger faced by our police officers and emergency workers. Daily, we ask them to put their lives on the line for the well-being of the community.
Moments like these must also be cause for somber reflection on the violence that is so prevalent in our community and in our world. The religious traditions of Alameda County are united in our commitment to a better, more peaceful world. We confess that we are far from reaching that dream.
In the face of our unfinished work, we honor the fallen, cry with the grieving, and pray for a better day.
Beyond being a committed and courageous public servant, Officer Tuan was a true friend of our neighborhood. He was our local resource officer and, on more than one occasion, represented OPD at community meetings held at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. I know that as recently as November 2023 he was at the church for a meeting of the Grand Lake Neighbors. He showed up. He cared.
He was always proud to remind me: “I love this neighborhood. Remember, before I went to the police academy I worked at Ken Betts Chevron. The people here really helped shape me.”
Officer Tuan was a kind and gracious person but I think he was doing more than being polite. I think he was saying that he was deeply grateful for the time he spent on Lakeshore Avenue and that he was the better for it.
This I know, Oakland as a community, and each of us individually, is the better for the service of Officer Tuan Le. May his memory always inspire us.



4 responses to “Mourning Officer Tuan Le”

  1. Rachel Richman Avatar
    Rachel Richman

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute. May his memory be a blessing

  2. danny wan Avatar
    danny wan

    Thank you for the tribute to Officer Le. He also touched other neighborhoods such as Chinatown and West Oakland, as well as the Port of Oakland. His murder is a such a loss to not only to his family but to the City. I am sad for it.

  3. Eric Hughes Avatar
    Eric Hughes

    Officer Le was proud of his achievements in life. You could feel it every time he looked you in the eyes, smiled, and shook your hand. He loved contributing to our Grand Lake Neighbors meetings even though he wasn’t our CRO, and we loved having him there. We will miss him very very much.

  4. I wasn’t fortunate enough to know Officer Tuan but I feel deeply for his loved ones and am so sorry for their loss. May his memory be a blessing.