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Juneteenth banner. Freedom day.

First, the bad news

I couldn’t do this neighborhood newsletter without mentioning the elephant in the city: the shooting that took place on Grand Avenue, just up the road in Adams Point, marring a peaceful Juneteenth celebration.

From a report in SFGate:

According to Police Chief Floyd Mitchell, “The violence broke out when approximately 20 vehicles, mostly ATVS and dirt bikes, initiated an illegal slideshow. During the episode of stunt driving, someone walked across the hood of one of the vehicles, causing the people sitting inside to exit and begin “violently attacking” that person….”

This all resulted in several fights, 14 people shot, and police recovering more than 50 shell casings at the scene. One person was taken into custody after assaulting a police officer.

In my first issue of Splashpad News, I wrote a story about sideshows and how annoying they are to neighbors. They had just started to be a regular thing in front of the theater. This latest sideshow, a few blocks away on Grand near Perkins, illustrates just how dangerous they can be.

Since this report, there has been no new news. So far, nobody has been arrested for the shootings. Why people would walk on cars and why guns are drawn and used so quickly are questions I cannot begin to fathom.

I wish I had answers. I love this city. I’ve been here through ups and downs, but this feels like an unrelenting down time. We’ve got to figure out how to turn it around.

Now the good news


The parking lot is clean — finally!

People cleaning the parking lot

This past Sunday, in response to multiple complaints received by Council President Bas’s office about bird poop, trash and offensive odors in the parking lot under the freeway, it was thoroughly pressure-washed from one end to the other.

And be aware

Ken Katz reports that PG&E is scheduled to begin a major project inside the park on July 8. We have been advised that they will be working Monday through Friday for three weeks and that the Farmers Market will not be impacted.

Based on prior experience with outside contractors, there is reason to doubt that either of those promises are credible. Mary Jo Sutton, who heads the volunteer team that maintains the California Native Garden, says she’s “freaking out” knowing that the “dig” will go right through the bed that was heavily vandalized earlier in the year. Turf, asphalt, concrete walls and walkways also appear to be in the path of the excavation. One way or another, here’s hoping that pressure from the city and park advocates will ensure that PG&E minimizes damages and is committed to total remediation.

By debra chaplan

Debra Chaplan became the publisher of the Splashpad News in February 2024. She’s lived in the Grand Lake neighborhood for 30 years. With a career doing communications and educational programming for several unions, she’s pleased to use those skills for the neighborhood and city that she loves.



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