Meet new and/or seasonal vendors at the Farmers’ Market

As summer approached, the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market welcomed some seasonal pop-ups and some new vendors that are here to stay. This month, Splash Pad News interviewed three vendors to showcase their delicious summer edibles and tell you a little about their small farms and businesses. Smokin D’s Barbecue, Triple Delight Blueberries, and GNS Farms have all been at the market for less than three months. We hope you’ll swing by their booths the next time you are there. 

Smokin D’s:

Meet Lorena Chu and Daniel Ramirez

SPN: How long have you been in this Farmer’s Market

Lorena: Just about two months now.

SPN: Can you tell us a little bit about what you are offering?

Lorena: We do Texas style smoked meats. We put them inside a traditional Chinese milkbread. So that’s the Texas infusion. We have smoked brisket and then we have a spicy pork.

SPN: Is there one specialty you can recommend to our readers?

Lorena: The Texas style barbeque is usually a brisket. Brisket is king. Brisket was our original flavor.

SPN: Do you have a brick-and-mortar restaurant?

Lorena: We do not. We do a couple of farmer’s markets through the week. And then we do catering in and around San Francisco.

SPN: Is there anything else you want our readers to know about your barbeque?

Lorena: It’s really different. You get a little bit of savoriness from the meat and sweetness from the bread. It’s hand-held. You can walk around the market and eat while you’re shopping.

Triple Delight Blueberries:

Meet Corey Simpson

SPN: What is the name of your Farm andwhere are your blueberries grown?

Corey: We are Triple Berry Delight Blueberries, based out of Fresno. All we sell are blueberries.

SPN: What makes your blueberries special?

Blueberries seller

Corey: A lot of tender love and care. These have great flavor, everybody tells us. There’s wild blueberries, or East Coast blueberries, like in Maine. Everyone says this is the best. I get people from Maine come out here and tell me these are just as good, if not better. I like to say we have the best [blueberries] on the West Coast.

SPN: I see you have other offerings as well.

Corey: Blueberry Jam and sauce. It’s low in sugar, so you’re mostly getting the blueberry flavor, and the sauce is like a thinner jam. It goes on top of ice cream, pancakes, and waffles.

SPN: And because you are seasonal, how long will you be at this Farmer’s Market?

Corey: Our season usually starts around the end of April and we go until July 4th. So it’s usually around two, two and a half months. It’s a short season. The second week of July will probably be our last week.

Yes, they’re seasonal but they’ve been coming to the market for many years. If you miss them in July, watch for them again next April or May.

GNS Farms:

Meet Tatiana Doss

SPN: Where is your farm located?

Tatiana: In Brentwood.

SPN: And how long have you been in this Farmer’s Market?

Tatiana: This is our second week.

Corn vendor

SPN: Tell me about what you grow and bring to the market?

Tatiana: Well right now we’re bringing corn. This is the season for that. We also have cherry picking on the farm and pumpkins when it’s pumpkin season. Right now it’s all about the corn.

SPN: So how long will we see this lovely corn at the Farmer’s Market?

Tatiana: We’ll definitely be here for six weeks. And then after that, it just depends on how the crop grows. But definitely six weeks.

SPN: What is your favorite way to eat your corn?

Tatiana: I would say barbequing. Yeah. I love to leave the husks on and throw the corn on the grill, leaving it on for about four to five minutes.

SPN: And what do you put on top of it?

Tatiana: Just some butter. That’s all you need.

SPN: Sounds delicious! I can’t wait to try your corn!

Farmers Market Entertainment Calendar

for the next few months

Band performing
Phat Luv Band had the crowd dancing when they performed in June.

            July 6      Phat Luv Band

           July 13      Ghosts & 5150

           July 20      Cover Band Olympics

           July 27      Glen Perry

       August 3      Lolah Entertainment

    August 10      Scott Pullman

    August 17      B Street Eklectik

    August 24      Cover Band Olympics

    August 31      Stephanie Woodford

          Sept. 7      KC Jiang

       Sept. 14      Ghosts & 5150

       Sept. 21      Soph and Gabe

       Sept. 28      Cover Band Olympics

Madhavi headshot

By Madhavi athanikar.

Madhavi Athanikar has lived in the Grand Lake neighborhood for three years and recently left her job in fashion and retail management to look for her next adventure.



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    Melinda Bimberg

    Thank you for the profiles of these new vendors. I’ll be sure to check them out the next time I’m at the GL farmers’ market.

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