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May 2024 Calendar

Helen’s May calendar page
Above is the May page from Oakland neighbor Helen Krayenhoff’s gorgeous and now sold-out 2024 calendar, “Favorite Edible Details.” To see her other artwork, go here. (If you’ve produced your own calendar or know about a neighbor’s calendar that we can promote, let us know in the comments section.)

* Wednesday, 5/1, 10 am

Wednesday, 5/1, 3:30-5pm

Center for Black Literature | Medgar Evers College: Where Do We Go From Here: Percival Everett & E. Ethelbert Miller  They will delve into Everett’s novels Erasure (adapted as the film American Fiction) and James, a reimagining of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Wednesday, 5/1, 4:30pm

Teaneck International Film Festival: Screening of The Tuba Thieves  Between 2011 and 2013, tubas were stolen from SoCal high schools. Hard-of-hearing Alison O’Daniel’s film generates new sensitivity to sound and meaning.

Wednesday, 5/1, 7pm

City Lights: Reading the Room: A Bookseller’s Tale  Paul Yamazaki will discuss his new book. 

Thursday, 5/2, 9:30-10:30am

Kellogg College: Human Rights in a Fractured World  Speaker: Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General to the United Nations.

Thursday, 5/2, 11am-12:30pm

Freshwater Habitats Trust: Book Launch of Ponds, Pools and Puddles  Penny Williams and Jeremy Biggs will discuss their new book, which challenges us to rethink the world’s smallest and most undervalued freshwater habitats.

Thursday, 5/2, 5pm — Saturday, 5/4, 10pm

UCLA: UCLAxFilmFest2024  Screening of 20 short films by UCLA Extension Entertainment Studies students. After starting, you will have 72 hours to finish watching. View trailer here

* Friday, 5/3, 7-8pm

Saturday, 5/4, 8am — Sunday, 6/30

The Public Theater NYC Free Shakespeare in the Park @Home: On Demand Streaming of Much Ado About Nothing  Requires setting up a login and password. Click the “I Want To Watch” button. 

* Sunday, 5/5, Noon-5 pm

Monday, 5/6, 1pm

Harvard Radcliffe Institute: Farming the Future: Livestock’s Leap to Net Zero  Ermias Kebreab will explore methane mitigation strategies that emphasize global and region-specific targets for addressing the climate crisis.

Monday, 5/6, 7-8pm

San Mateo County Library: Art Talk – Phoenix Kingdoms: The Last Splendor of China’s Bronze Age

Tuesday, 5/7, 11am

America Walks: City Limits: Infrastructure, Inequality, and the Future of America’s Highways  Megan Kimble will discuss her book. 

Tuesday, 5/7, 7-8pm

Santa Clara County Library: AANHPI Heritage Month: Art Across Asia: Masterpieces of the Asian Art Museum

Wednesday, 5/8, 9am

Harvard Radcliffe Institute: The Milk Paradox  Christina Warinner will discuss lactose intolerance, its history of scientific study, and its ethnographic and archaeological paradoxes. 

* Wednesday, 5/8, 7pm

* Thursday, 5/9, 6-7:30pm 

* Friday, 5/10, 4pm

Saturday, 5/11, 8am — Sunday, 6/30

The Public Theater NYC Free Shakespeare in the Park @Home: On Demand Streaming of Hamlet  Requires a login and password to register. Click the “I Want to Watch” button. 

Monday, 5/13, 12-2pm

NYPL: Screening of Manzanar, Diverted  Intergenerational women from Native American, Japanese American and rancher communities form an alliance to defend their land and water from Los Angeles.

Monday, 5/13, 3pm — Sunday, 5/19, 9:59pm

Playwrights Center: Playlabs Festival  Screening of Ester Perel Ruined My Life, by Mathilde Dratwa.

Monday, 5/13, 3pm — Sunday, 5/19, 9:59pm

Playwrights Center: Playlabs Festival  Screening of Pirates Steal, by Peter Gil-Sheridan.

Monday, 5/13, 3pm — Sunday, 5/19, 9:59pm

Playwrights Center: Playlabs Festival  Screening of Fantasma, by Benjamin Benne.  

* Tuesday, 5/14, 5pm

* Wednesday, 5/15, 7-8:30pm – Cancelled

Wednesday, 5/15, 7-8pm

Santa Clara County Library: Endangered Eating: America’s Vanishing Foods  Sarah Lohman will discuss her book. 

Wednesday, 5/15, 7pm

Friends of the Alameda Free Library: Rembrandt van Rijn: The Man and His Art

Thursday, 5/16, 10-11am

Workday: A Conversation with Alice Wong  Hear about her memoir, Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life, and her forthcoming anthology, Disability Intimacy.

Thursday, 5/16, 5-6:45pm

AARP: Movies for Grownups: Space: The Longest Goodbye  Social isolation affects millions of people, even Mars-bound astronauts. A savvy NASA psychologist is tasked with protecting these daring explorers.

Friday, 5/16, 6:30-7:30pm

Marin County Library: When the Tiger Smokes a Pipe: The Art of Korea  Speaker: Asian Art Museum docent Ginny Meyer. 

Friday, 5/17, 12-1:30pm

UCLA Asian American Studies Center: Yuri Kochiyama Digital Exhibit & Collection  Panel discussion about Yuri Kochiyama, an iconic figure in the Asian American community, civil rights, and social movement history. 

Saturday, 5/18, 8am, through Sunday, 6/30

The Public Theater NYC Free Shakespeare in the Park @Home: On Demand Streaming of The Merry Wives of Windsor  Requires a login and password to register. Click the “I Want to Watch” button.  

* Sunday, 5/19, 9 am-2 pm

Monday, 5/20, 2:30pm

Mount Sinai: Disparities in the Care of Persons with Serious Illness: It Does Matter If You are Black or White  Speaker: Dr. Kimberly S. Johnson, Duke University. 

Wednesday, 5/22, 5-6pm

Air & Space Museum: OSIRIS-REx: Revealing Secrets from the Dawn of our Solar System

* Thursday, 5/23, 6-8:30pm

Thursday, 5/23, 7pm

Golden Gate Bird Alliance: Bering Sea Saga – A Tale of Two Birders

Thursday, 5/23, 6pm — 6/30, 11:30pm

SF Opera Guild: The Magic Flute Virtual Opera Preview with Rebecca Plack

Friday, 5/24, 7-8:45am; 9-10:30am

Radcliffe: The Long Arc of Equality and Justice in America, and Radcliffe Medal Award Ceremony   Panel discussion, followed by a conversation with awardee Sonia Sotomayor, with remarks with Rita Moreno. 

Saturday, 5/25, 8am — Sunday, 6/30

The Public Free Shakespeare @Home: On Demand Streaming of Richard III  Requires a login and password. Click the “I Want to Watch” button.  

* Sunday, 5/26, 9 am-Noon

* Sunday, 5/26, 5pm

Tuesday, 5/28, 3-4pm

Compass Family Services: Asian American History  Dr. Huping Ling will discuss her book.

Wednesday, 5/29, 6pm

City Lights: Toxic City: Redevelopment and Environmental Justice in San Francisco Lindsey Dillon will discuss her new book. 

* Wednesday, 5/29, 7pm

Thursday, 5/30, 6-7pm

Contra Costa Library: Expression of Gender in Asian Art

By Sheila mcCormick

Sheila McCormick headshot

Sheila McCormick is an Adjunct Professor Emerita in Cal’s Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. Prior to her retirement in January 2016, she had a research lab at the USDA/ARS-UC Berkeley Plant Gene Expression Center in Albany, studying the molecular biology of plant reproduction. She also helps with editing and is a frequent contributor to the Splash Pad News, beginning with a series of seven neighborhood walks—posted between January and April 2017.



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