West of 580 Blog – August 2013

Hello, Neighbors! Watch this space for monthly news and notes about tasty gems, handy services, art, and changes on Grand Ave., west of 580.  —  LZ.

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Kitchen 388 – August 2013

Kitchen 388 (at, duh, 388 Grand Ave.) is a bright and cheerful café with a small bouquet of fresh flowers on every table. Come here for great food at affordable prices in a relaxed setting.
The seasonal menu changes emphasis every 6 to 8 weeks, but inclines toward healthy California/Mediterranean flavors. (In past months, Kitchen 388 has featured Asian and Latin dishes.)

This summer’s focus has been a “Summer Road Trip” including Louisiana hot links and white Gulf shrimp with grits, as well as wild, line-caught salmon with summer hash. Items from the café’s backyard garden enhance many dishes. Come to weekend brunch early if you want the ever-popular chicken and waffles, or choose eggs with a homemade buttermilk biscuit that my grandmother would envy.

Consider an elderflower/pomegranate spritzer or mango-iced tea instead of the café’s delicious coffee, Numi tea, orange juice, beer or wine. Solo diners have several choices: a window bar, a small table, or a “community table” with up to 5 other diners. Dogs may accompany their owners at the outside tables.

At the end of a long day, Joseph Dunbar, Owner and Chef, has a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face as he declares. “I am living my dream” with the aid of his crew, who clearly feel like family to him. If asked, Chef Joseph will acknowledge that he has 35 years of experience cooking, but he quickly adds that Sous Chef Asher Stern has nearly 10 years experience too.

As he urges Isa, his Manager, to gather Lupe, Asher, Shabu, Allison, and Alexandra, for a photo -– under a chalk drawing on display by Alexandra, a talented artist, as he notes – Chef Joseph regrets that one member, Jorge, is not present.

** TIP:  Chef Joseph promises that September will feature heirloom tomato soup and other heirloom tomato dishes that spotlight their peak-of-season flavor!  Follow Kitchen 388 on Facebook or Twitter (@Kitchen388) for menu updates and reminders of “Fried Chicken Friday.” **

(510) 893-3005
388 Grand Ave., Oakland


Wed – Fri   9 AM –3 PM Coffee & pastry
Wed – Fri   5 PM – 9 PM Dinner
Sat  – Sun  9 AM – 3 PM Brunch