Lakeshore Peet’s Expansion

by Kathleen Boergers

As predicted in last month’s Splash Pad News, Peet’s on Lakeshore reopened in April in its renovated, expanded space! The lengthy expansion project included taking over the space next door (formerly The Burrito Shop) and removing the dividing wall.

But that bland recounting does not convey the full scope of the remodel. The coffee ordering and preparing counter is now on the opposite side of the space, and is set up in such a way as to better accommodate the usual long lines than was previously the case.  The bright walls and large windows create a space full of natural light that is enjoyable to be in.

The best part is the increased community spaces. Instead of two tables and a wall counter crammed with people waiting for their drink orders, the expanded space has extensive seating for lounging, reading, conversation, and drinking coffee. What I like best is the variety of seating spaces. Some raised tables, perfect for quick solo coffee outing; some tables and chairs gathered together for a group to meet and talk; and some lovely comfy chairs that look like a perfect spot to sit with a book on a break. The decor and design are very thoughtful, and the crowds have only increased, from what I can see. Even though that may be hard to believe, given the long lines in the previous space. And the staff remains as excellent as before.   

The space outside remains mostly the same, although with the number of people that Peet’s is attracting, a small cafe seating area in the triangular concrete area abutting the shop would be a valuable addition. Splash Pad News heard from the Peet’s construction team that there are no current plans to use that outdoor space.  I hope they reconsider, because it could use some sprucing up, and also a railing to address the low-rise step, which, as Ken Katz pointed out last month, poses a severe tripping hazard. Revitalizing that space could also hopefully be part of a project to widen the narrow walkway to Trader Joe’s and the parking lot. That’s a  long overdue improvement.

In sum, welcome back Peet’s, your new digs are lovely, and I appreciate the increased sense of community fostered by the extra space. Definitely go check them out, if you haven’t yet done so.

FOOTNOTE:  Just after Peet’s re-opening, Councilmember Abel Guillen posted on Facebook noting, in part:   “The Manager told me they are looking for local artists to design a mural or install other art from local artists.  Hit me up if you’re interested and (will be) happy to connect you.”




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  1. Steve R. Avatar
    Steve R.

    And you didn’t even mention the three full-size couches in conversation nooks, or the device chargers built into two of the long tables. They have also since replaced the back door with a sliding automatic accessible door. The place looks more like five times as big, not just doubled. And even the music in the morning has been good! It’s a wonderful improvement.