Lakeshore Blog – July 2014

By BID Director, Pamela Drake

Lakeshore Thrives but Parking Still Available

Where Have All the Autos Gone?Lakeshore and LakePark Avenues are so popular these days that you might see cars backed up in the Trader Joes lot waiting for another car to leave, but this is no longer necessary!

The lot is owned by the City but run by Sansome Pacific, the developer of the space where Trader Joe’s and Walgreen’s are located. They’ve hired a company to monitor parking. At one time employees of some Lakeshore businesses and others parked all day in the lot, and it was very difficult to find a spot no matter the day or time. If circling the lot has discouraged you, please come back!

Now, you may still see someone waiting but you should wave them into the lot where there are almost always open spaces in the back or upstairs. Even though this has made it difficult for some employees to park, merchants have mostly heaved a sigh of relief. Shoppers were telling us that they had to go elsewhere to buy their groceries, shop for gifts, or have lunch with friends. By the way Trader Joes tells me that many of their employees are now biking to work, a win-win for all of us.

Some merchants have opted to purchase monthly spaces in the lot under the freeway so that their employees have a place to park nearby. In terms of that lot, we may also hear some good news-the City plans on adjusting the rates there to reflect the actual usage to encourage more shoppers to use it on weekdays.

Near Arizmendi
Near Arizmendi

Sidewalk Repairs on Lakeshore

Thanks once again to the City of Oakland, by Monday, June 30th, you will see crews out replacing most of the sidewalks that have been bumped up by tree roots. The work will take a little less than 2 weeks and make it much safer for seniors and anyone not constantly staring at their feet to navigate our crowded sidewalks without fear of crashing into the broken sidewalks, overdue but much appreciated!

Miscellaneous News

Shakewell in Process
Shakewell in Process
Colby from Bon Vivants Design
Colby from Bon Vivants Design

Many of you have already enjoyed a Provencal meal complete with fabulous authentic French bread at Michel’s which opened in early May. But, prepare to be astonished as another new restaurant throws open its doors on Lakeshore, Shakewell Kitchen and Bar, which promises some twists on Mediterranean cuisine, not to mention the twists and creativity you will find in any number of fresh cocktails you will imbibe at their newly constructed, extra long bar. Much of this beautiful new space has been constructed with recycled materials. At this point they are looking at a Grand Opening on July 8th. Peek in as you go by to see all the interesting art and fabulous accessories in this newly designed space.

New Paving at Chao ThaiWe had one empty shop where the electronic cigarette folks vacated their space after some dubious permitting got them into a bit of hot water. We have heard that the new owner will bring designs and goods from Africa to liven up our Avenue.

Around the corner on Lake Park, Chao Thai has just poured a new concrete pad making the entry into the restaurant far more accessible while also providing more level space for patio seating.

On June 30th, Council President Pat Kernighan presented a proclamation to Carol Knight, co-owner of Silver Lining Jewelry for the last 28 years,  honoring her and her daughters, Rachel and Rebecca for their work with the merchants and families in the Lakeshore Avenue Business Improvement District.

The proclamation honored Carol for helping to organize holiday events on the Avenue during the Easter , Halloween and Christmas seasons and for helping to make the families who visit Lakeshore feel welcome. The proclamation read in part, “Whereas without Carol Knight Lakeshore would be a much less friendly, community-oriented place,” I heartily concur. Thanks, Carol and your wonderful creative daughters!

By the way, we are still urging our shoppers and neighbors to make sure they leave nothing in their cars that could appear valuable to a thief. We are still experiencing car burglaries in the lot and on the street. Folks, it takes only seconds, not minutes, to get into your car and spirit away your goods.

However, burglaries are down overall and we want to thank our energetic OPD captains. Yes, we have two captains, due to the district being split in the middle of Lakeshore by police district boundaries. We see that as an advantage as we have double the enforcement oversight. Captain Rick Orozco oversees the Peets side of the street and Captain Anthony Toribio tracks the Starbucks side. They are both very responsive to our needs.

One more little thing, our gardener Dana Pearson of Leaf It To Us does a great job providing and maintaining lovely plantings but please don’t throw your trash or park your bike on theses little gardens so they can cheer us as we stroll down our newly refurbished sidewalks to our lovely shops and exciting new restaurants. Bon Appetit!



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  1. Shirley York-Bassel Avatar
    Shirley York-Bassel

    Just another big ole Thanks and Hugs I love these newsletters and send them on to who-ever!! Kind of like you do with your children’s photos et al…Really just thanks.

  2. Susan Elliott Avatar
    Susan Elliott

    Can you explain why the trash and garbage containers are left in the street piled high and very smelly on weekends? This mess certainly does not reflect positively on the Lakeshore Avenue shopping and restaurant district. Thanks.