Lakeshore BID – July 2023 News

by Racheal Scott
Weekend before last, a drag show at Shakewell organized by Tim Nugent raised $10,000 to support the Oakland LGBTQ Center. A great time was had by all.

Hipline has six pop-ups scheduled for July — the first of which, the Outdoor Shimmy Pop Express with Alicia is Saturday, July 1. Across the street, Arizmendi is taking their summer break and will return on Friday.

Every month Proposition Chicken Partners with a local non profit organization and has a weekly event called Dine In To Donate. 10% of every dine in order on Mondays are donated to the non profit partner of the month. Proposition Chicken list of non profit partners for the year is on their website here. You can also find more information and submit an application to become a non profit partner for 2024 at the above link as well. For the month of July, Proposition Chicken has partnered with East Bay United/ Bay Oaks. The East Bay United Soccer Club is an Oakland based youth soccer club that aims to provide world class soccer experiences for young players at all levels of the game. You can find more information on their program here:

Dhon Dup is a Tibetan gift shop that opened last month at 3339 Lakeshore. They feature a wide array of silver jewelry and clothing and upstairs you’ll find a large selection of  Himalayan and Tibetan Singing bowls. Traditionally Tibetan singing  bowls are used for meditation but are also used for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration.
The Starbucks space has just undergone some exterior improvements and, from various sources, word is that it’s been leased and every indication is that the new tenant will be a big draw. Rumor is that one other space has been leased and hopefully, confirmation will be forthcoming.
The following statement was issued on behalf of the Lakeshore BID:
The Lakeshore Avenue BID would like to acknowledge the crime that has been occurring with more frequency on Lakeshore and the surrounding areas. We have been meeting with our city council members and local leaders to impress the importance of addressing the safety concerns that we all have. Our number one priority is to keep Lakeshore safe. It is a distressing time in Oakland right now, not only for small businesses, but for the community as a whole. We acknowledge the urgent need for increased security measures and enhanced law enforcement efforts in our community. We will continue to stand strong and serve our Businesses . We appreciate the unwavering support of our loyal customers and the resilience of our community during these challenging times.