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Lakeshore Avenue Update – March 2024

A decade of Culinary Love: Lin Jia’s Family Kitchen

By Racheal Scott & Kelsey Heath, Lakeshore BID

Marcia Lam
Marcia Lam, Lin Jia’s founder and owner.

Since opening its doors in November of 2010, Lin Jia has become a cherished part of the Lakeshore culinary landscape. Nestled on the corner of the vibrant and tree-lined Lakeshore Ave. and Mandana Blvd., the restaurant stands as a testament to the founders’ deep connection to the community and their passion for creating a warm, intimate dining experience. 

 Choosing Lakeshore wasn’t just about location; it was a deliberate decision rooted in the charm of the street, the sense of community, and the cozy scale of the district. The founders — Marcia Lam with help from her father — envisioned a place where patrons could feel at home while enjoying a culinary journey through their family’s rich history. At the heart of Lin Jia’s story is the profound ‘Why’ that drives its existence. The restaurant is more than just a place to dine; it’s an extension of Marcia’s home. When guests step inside, they aren’t merely customers – they become part of the family, sitting in the founders’ kitchen. 

Lin Jia’s culinary adventure starts with the Lam family’s immigration story, a journey from China through Vietnam and Hong Kong to the United States. The family kitchen, wherever it was located, always embraced local ingredients, creating a unique fusion of flavors that became the foundation of Lin Jia’s menu. Years later, that culinary influence expanded to include travels throughout Asia. Each new dish on the menu tells a story, reflecting the founders’ experiences and the diverse ingredients they discovered along the way. Lin, their surname in Mandarin is the same character as Lam, and Jia, meaning family, perfectly encapsulate the ethos of Lin Jia’s Family Kitchen – a place where the culinary heritage of a family is shared with the extended family of patrons. 

Marcia says that her dad helped her with the restaurant from when it opened until 2018, when he suffered a stroke.  “Two of my brothers now work here,” she adds, continuing the family experience.

Lin Jia Restaurant

From traditional recipes passed down through generations to innovative creations inspired by travels, Lin Jia’s menu is a culinary diary that welcomes guests to share in Marcia’s diverse and rich experiences. The warmth of the restaurant, coupled with the authenticity of the dishes, creates a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. 

Lin Jia’s Family Kitchen is more than a restaurant; it’s a culinary home where everyone is embraced with open arms and treated to the warmth of shared stories and delightful meals.

Lin Jia is at 3437 Lakeshore Ave. [This address has been corrected!] The restaurant is open Wednesday through Monday 11:30 am to 9 pm.

Happy Spring!

On March 30th, the Lakeshore Business Improvement District (LABID) will host its annual spring event: Hop and Shop and Derby Parade.

The parade includes an old tradition—the LABID Derby Hat Decorating Competition is returning! Hats can be picked up starting March 4 at Ken Betts Chevron or Lin Jia Kitchen. We encourage everyone to be as creative as possible when decorating their hats, but please let your kids decorate the hats themselves. Kids ages 1-13 are welcome to decorate their hats ahead of time with whatever supplies they have at home. Be as creative as you can be! 

Please meet us on the green at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church at 10 am for registration and the party on the green. The parade will begin at 11:30 when we will march down Lakeshore and back to the church where Judges will reveal all their winners and prizes will be distributed. A new addition to this year’s event is a scavenger hunt along the parade route as kids collect filled eggs that the stores will be handing out.

This event is free for all who want to attend. All ages can participate in all events at the party on the green and children ages 1-13 are invited to participate in the Derby Hat Contest. 

Head Shots Poster

Free Headshots

Verizon Wireless will be hosting a Free Headshot event on Thursday, March 7 from 1:30-6:30 pm. Members of the community can come in and receive a professional photo headshot. Please be advised that traffic may be a bit heavier on the Avenue on that day and time. 

Kelsey Heath and Racheal Knight-Scott are with the Lakeshore Business Improvement District. They work together with the Business owners and Property owners to enhance and promote the Lakeshore shopping district. 



3 responses to “Lakeshore Avenue Update – March 2024”

  1. Marcia Avatar

    I am sure everyone knows where Lin Jia Asian Kitchen is located at. 🙂 The actual address is 3437 Lakeshore Avenue.

    Thank you so much for the community that continues to support us. Without you, Lin Jia wouldn’t be there today.

  2. Kay Dann Avatar
    Kay Dann

    Lin Jia has been a favorite of ours since our first visit years ago. We are always welcomed upon arrival and feel like family. Our visiting friends and famly always want to go, at least once, when they are in town.

  3. Jane Cullinan Avatar
    Jane Cullinan

    Lin Jia and Marcia Lam are the greatest!

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