Lakeshore Avenue Update – February 2024

Silver Moon Kids’ wonderful Valentine’s Day window display. Come on down and see it in person now through the end of February.

By Racheal Scott & Kelsey Heath, Lakeshore BID

In the heart of Berkeley, a small secondhand baby store named Silver Moon Kids became the seed of an unexpected entrepreneurial journey. This story unfolds over 25 years, starting when Dima Hart’s son was just a year old. Back in those early days, her shopping adventures led her to second hand baby stores, and she fell in love with the concept. A casual conversation with a friend sparked the idea of opening a business. Her friend joined her at the beginning, but their combined venture lasted only about a year. Undeterred, Dima decided to forge ahead, despite having no clue about what she was doing.

The store’s humble beginnings were at 3221 Grand Ave, just across from Hunan Chinese restaurant. At the start, everything in the store was used. They scoured garage sales and flea markets, and collected items from friends. It was a leap of faith, guided by passion rather than expertise. The excitement of venturing into the unknown fueled their determination.

Dima is pictured here with her cousin Irene, the owner of Top Dog, also on Lakeshore.

About 15 years ago, the opportunity arose to move the store to Lakeshore. It was a dream come true, a location she had always envisioned. The move to Lakeshore was not just a change of address; it was a significant milestone. Namaste Yoga, also making its move, recommended Silver Moon Kids to the landlord.

Dima’s parents played a crucial role in this transition. Her mom, with her art background, meticulously handled details, while her dad, with a construction background, became the go-to handyman. The support from Dima’s parents extended beyond the move. Her mom was the visionary behind the store window displays, leaving behind a treasure trove of art and decorations. These materials have become a cherished resource, especially since her parents’ passing. From painting backdrops to creating props and planning for every holiday in advance, Dima’s mom’s artistic legacy lives on in the vibrant displays that adorn the store.

Entrepreneurship has been ingrained in her from a young age. Growing up in Berkeley, Dima dabbled in various ventures, from garage sales and lemonade stands to selling Christmas ornaments and snowflakes in front of Fat Apples. The spirit of innovation cultivated in those early years laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong journey in business. As Silver Moon Kids continues to thrive on Lakeshore, it stands not just as a children’s store but as a testament to the resilience and passion that drive entrepreneurship. The evolution from a small shop on Grand Ave to a cherished spot on Lakeshore reflects Dima’s unwavering commitment to providing quality products and creating a space where neighbors can connect. The memories of those early days, the challenges faced, and the support received from family and community are woven into the fabric of the store’s success. The legacy lives on, fueled by a love of entrepreneurship and a commitment to making every child’s journey a little more special.

The LABID would like to congratulate Silver Moon Kids for its 25 years of business and thank it for making Lakeshore a part of its story for the past 15 years. Silver Moon Kids was also the winner of our Holiday Light Display Contest back in December, voted on by the community and a testament to their amazing window display skills.

Silver Moon Kids is located at 3233 Lakeshore Ave. and is open 10 am – 5 pm Tuesday-Saturday and 10 am – 4 pm Sunday & Monday. They buy-sell-trade Tues-Fri 2-4 pm. and are open online 24/7 at

Community Safety Meeting: The Lakeshore Business Improvement District (LABID) has partnered with the Grand Avenue Business Association to host a Community Safety Meeting on March 18 from 6-7 pm at the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. We are waiting for confirmation from Captain Yu to make sure that OPD is in attendance.

Monthly Cleanup of Grand and Lakeshore Avenues: The LABID, Oakland LGBTQ Center, GABA and Lakeshore area residents have teamed up to start a monthly cleanup of Lakeshore and Grand Avenues. Follow the LABID on social media for dates, times, and how you can join the efforts!

Volunteers Fix Lakeshore’s Necklace of Lights: Thanks to a couple of Trestle Glen neighbors the Necklace of Lights that adorns Lakeshore is getting new life. This remarkable duo have been hard at work replacing all the dead bulbs down Lakeshore. They have funded this project and donated their time and energy to replace the bulbs and give feedback to the LABID on which strands are no longer working at all. We couldn’t be more grateful to these neighbors and the LABID is working with the City of Oakland to get the broken strands replaced so we can collectively restore the Necklace of Lights to their former glory.