June Brings a Flurry of Activity to Lakeshore Avenue 

Lakeshore Avenue in Oakland has been bustling with excitement this June, with several notable events and openings bringing renewed energy to this vibrant neighborhood. 

Eating well to support Meals on Wheels

Fundraising event at Bardo
Photo by Ken Katz

On the evening of June 6, Bardo Lounge & Supper Club hosted a food and beverage event called Taste—a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels of Alameda County. From 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm, guests were treated to a multi-course meal  featuring seasonal ingredients and Bardo’s signature classic-inspired cocktails.

Taste promo flyer

Taste is more than just a culinary celebration; it’s a heartfelt fundraiser aimed at supporting homebound senior neighbors in Alameda County. Attendees had the opportunity to join the online auction bid on items ranging from wine and cheese tastings, sports and entertainment tickets, restaurants, gift items, and more.

Reflecting on the evening, Meals on Wheels Development Manager Jessi Bailey shared, “We had nearly 100 guests in attendance and raised over $181,000 that will go directly towards delivering nutritious meals to homebound seniors in Alameda County.”

For more information on this event and its impact, visit the event website. Taste of the East Bay stands as a testament to the power of community, combining the joys of exquisite food and drink with the generosity of spirit, ensuring our senior neighbors are nourished and cared for.

Noted singer Kehlani comes home to Oakland for record signing

Kehlani with Oakland event poster
Kehlani with Oakland event poster

Lakeshore Avenue was abuzz with excitement on June 21 as Oakland native and acclaimed artist Kehlani made a special appearance at 3319 Marché. The celebrated singer-songwriter visited to sign records and merchandise for their newly released album, Crash. 

Kehlani, who attended the Oakland School for the Arts and began their musical journey at the age of 14 with the local pop group PopLyfe, has grown into a prominent figure in the music industry. Crash marks their fourth studio album, adding another impressive achievement to their career. 

6 hour Line for 3319 Marche event
Eric Hughes snapped this shot when he came upon the line to get into 3319 Marché stretching across Mandana. For some, it was a 6-hour wait.

Fans gathered in anticipation, thrilled to meet the artist in person and get their hands on signed copies of Kehlani’s latest work. The event was a joyous celebration of local talent and community spirit, with Kehlani’s presence highlighting the strong connection they maintain with their hometown. Seeing Kehlani on Lakeshore Avenue was a momentous occasion for both the artist and their fans, further cementing their status as a beloved figure in Oakland’s vibrant cultural landscape. 

Their visit not only celebrated the release of Crash but also underscored the deep-rooted bond they share with the city that helped shape their artistic journey. Kehlani’s return to her roots and the enthusiastic response from the community made for an unforgettable event on Lakeshore Avenue. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Crash, now available for purchase and streaming.

3319 Marché owner Kai Raino-Tsui said that about 600 fans packed the shop from 1-7 p.m., as they could only admit about 20 people at a time. He’s hoping to continue to make the store available as an event space as a way to build the neighborhood.

Philz Coffee Grand Opening

The grand opening of Philz Coffee on June 26th has been a significant addition to the local scene. 

Located at 3347 Lakeshore Avenue, Philz Coffee offers a warm and inviting space for coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite brews. Known for its unique approach, each drink at Philz is handcrafted and made one at a time, ensuring a personalized and high-quality experience for every customer. Specialty options like Iced Coffee Rose and Oatmeal Cold Brew have already become favorites among patrons, promising something delightful for everyone. 

Philz Coffee will be open daily from 6:00 am-6:00 pm . On the July 4 holiday, they’ll close at 4:30 pm.

Whether you’re stopping by for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon treat, Philz Coffee offers a unique and enjoyable experience. The opening of Philz Coffee is just one of the many activities contributing to the lively spirit of Lakeshore Avenue this month. With its emphasis on quality and community, Philz Coffee is set to become a cherished part of the neighborhood, providing a welcoming space for coffee aficionados and casual drinkers alike. 

For more information, contact Philz Coffee at 510-244-2142. Don’t miss out on the chance to try their innovative and delicious coffee creations!

By racheal scott and kelsey heath

Kelsey Heath and Racheal Knight-Scott are with the Lakeshore Business Improvement District. They work together with the Business owners and Property owners to enhance and promote the Lakeshore shopping district. 



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