Is it Goodbye for the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors?

by Jennie Gerard

Really, only two more Saturday workdays for the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors? All good things come to an end eventually … or must they? Since 2010 Weed Warrior volunteers have turned out monthly to tend to the landscaped beds around Lake Merritt. We began with the goal of helping to maintain the newly landscaped beds at the lake. For a history of the Weed Warriors, go to https:/ 

What do we Weed Warriors do, you ask? Now in our thirteenth year of monthly workdays, we pull weeds, prune shrubs, pick up cans, bottles and other litter, and occasionally replant. While we work we watch boats skim the water and birds dive for food. Our morning’s work regularly fills a Public Works truck with the green waste of our efforts. We enjoy the company of others committed as we are to giving back to the lake we all love. Best of all, the walkers and runners passing by offer appreciation, to which we add our full-throated thank-you to all Weed Warriors over the years.

The rewards that go with leading the Weed Warriors have kept us, Jennie Gerard and Joel Peter, fully engaged. After our August workday, though, we will step aside. Will there be a Lake Merritt Weed Warriors 2.0? We invite you to volunteer to lead the Weed Warriors going forward, and we’ll help you get comfortable in the role. If you think you might be interested, contact us at or join us on our final workdays July 29 and August 26. For workday details, go here.