Grand Lake Neighbors – Meeting Notes 9/16/2020

Grand Lake Neighbors Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2020 

Meeting notes are from the September 16, 2020 Grand Lake Neighbors meeting (31 attendees).

Thefts at Chi Wind & Water (3227 Lakeshore):
There have been repeated thefts by teenagers over the past year, with videos of the thefts available. So far, OPD has not looked at the videos.

Next Step: Get report/incident numbers, escalate to Officer Gonzalez, then figure out a way to get OPD to come over to the store to see the videos.

Threatening people living at the Rose Garden:
Three people living in the park are fighting frequently and making lots of noise that awakens nearby neighbors multiple times at night. They refuse to use
available restrooms and they urinate and defecate on park grounds. They threaten volunteers and visitors to the park, even recently running after
someone with a lead pipe. Alameda County says the City has to take the lead on solving this problem because the Rose Garden “is not in a zone the
County serves because there are only 3 people involved.”

Next step:  Figure out the process to get a restraining order against them. Find out why, since the park closes at 9PM, they aren’t breaking the law by
being there. Contact J. Nicholas Williams, the Director for the Department of Parks, Recreation, & Youth Development, to see if he can help.
Note: Officer Gonzalez has had several interactions with the individuals, issued warnings, and cited them for open containers of alcohol.
He will continue to do regular foot patrols in the area until we find a permanent solution to the issue.

Norman Allen’s condition continues to deteriorate:
There has been no effective action regarding Norman Allen from any government agency for 20 years despite significant intervention efforts by the
community. Norman is typically at the Grand/Weldon bus stop near Galleria Scola. An employee of Galleria Scola cleans up after Norman – he eats,
drinks, urinates, and defecates at that bus stop.

Next Step: Escalate to AC Transit, see if Norman’s leg injury might qualify him to be gravely ill. Note: Kay Gong from Alameda County is now involved.

Disruptive Individual at Splash Pad Park:
There is a man who urinates and defecates in the native plant beds at Splash Pad Park: He also refuses to wear a mask during the farmers market even
though it is required, shows threatening behavior toward customers and vendors at the market. Feces in a location where food is sold is a significant
public health issue.

Next Step: Get a restraining order against him.

Catalytic converter thefts:
The pattern is that the thieves will steal a catalytic converter, record the location of the car, return in a couple of weeks to steal the brand new
replacement catalytic converter, and repeat the cycle over and over. Converters are sold to recycling shops for between $200-$250 each.
Next Step: Disrupt the recycling market. The law needs to be changed to make it illegal for recyclers to purchase catalytic converters.

Next Step: We suggest that the community make calls to our State Representatives about this:
State Senator Nancy Skinner: (510) 286-1333
Assembly Member Rob Bonta: (510) 286-1670

Related issues for further discussion: how should the Neighborhood Law Corps attorneys be involved in any of these issues?
Next Step: We’ll contact David Gomez

The next GLN Zoom meeting will be Wednesday, October 21. Sign-in information will be posted on their Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: As spelled out in this Oaklandside article, the City Council is currently considering regulations that would ban homeless encampments in “high sensitivity areas” and city parks (including the Morcom Rose Garden) would fall under that classification. Also, we’re pleased to report that, as a result of a plaintive letter from Elida Scola at Galleria Scola that was distributed widely and also discussed at the September GLN meeting, Norman’s situation is looking a bit more hopeful. Bay Area Community Services (BACS) as well as Kay Gong (an Alameda County Clinical Social Worker) are both communicating with him and reporting success.