Grand Avenue, West of 580 – June 2016

GRAND AVENUE, WEST OF 580 – June 2016

Karima, Jasmine (owner), Mohamed and Yasmine

Icey Cream has opened just in time for summer, creating a new sweet spot on Grand Avenue,  west of 580. – LZ.

The Washington Family
The Jiron Family

Late in May, a small paper on the front door of the long-awaited Icey Cream shop promised that the store would open on Monday, May 30. Patient neighbors all, we held our breath in anticipation. For a couple of years we have walked past the corner shop, glimpsing remodeling work underway inside, observing as the walls were painted pink and the ceiling sky blue with fluffy white clouds. Signs were hung, then the glass counter installed, white tables and seats arrived. And we waited still more.

The owner, Jasmine Othman, daughter of the entrepreneur who owns the entire building, explained that construction delays arose when the Alameda County Building Inspector noted the need for ADA adaptations to the front door and the addition of a restroom. The door was remodeled and the inspector eventually agreed that the restroom requirement was met because Icey Cream could share the restroom of the adjacent Oasis Restaurant, under common ownership.

Icey Cream
Icey Cream


IceyCream5Ms. Othman explained that the unusual spelling of the shop’s name was her choice because it was cute, fun and memorable. She discarded suggestions like “Princess Jasmine” or “Jazzy’s Creamery” from family members. Soon she will add more custom flavor choices and gift cards. She notes that the website ( is still under construction, but she was excited and happy to open.

When Icey Cream opened on sunny Memorial Day, it may have been the busiest place in the neighborhood. A steady stream of customers, including our neighbors, the Washington family, arrived smiling and left wearing even bigger smiles after enjoying their treats. The Jiron family traveled from San Francisco to visit Fairyland Park, then happily discovered the neighborhood’s new sweet spot before starting the journey home.


IceyCream7IceyCream6Counter staff, Karima, Mohamed and Yasmine, swiftly served customers scoops of ice cream flavors like Kanai Pie and Carmel Coconut Macadamia Nut, in waffle cones made fresh daily. Other customers chose custom combination donut ice cream sandwiches with 1 syrup, 1 topping, 1 or 2 ice cream flavors, and a powdered sugar donut. Is your diet dairy free? Icey Cream offers you sorbet, a bag of lemon meringue candy bits that melt in your mouth, and macaron cookies (a French sweet meringue-based confection, filled with apricot, lemon, mango, coffee, or strawberry). So far there are no items for people whose diet is sugar free.

A young girl on her own asked a patron how much one scoop would cost. When he replied, $3.90, she turned and verified this price with Mohamed at the counter, then stared sadly at the single dollar bill clutched in her hand. But it was a day for celebration and for everyone to be happy: Mohamed accepted the girl’s dollar and gave her a delicious scoop of ice cream. Happy Opening Day!

Icey Cream

344 Grand Ave.

Oakland 94610

(510) 444-1160

Credit cards accepted



Summer Hours:  7 days a week from 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.