Grand Avenue West of 580 – December 2013

On Grand Ave., West of 580

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Yamrout and her mother – the shop’s tailor



Hirut’s Alterations and Tailor

Have you purchased a larger size to fit your hips, but find the top of the outfit far too big? Is a holiday gift too long? After great holiday meals, is a favorite outfit too tight at the waist? There may be no need to pack a favorite item away because our dimensions have – ahem – shifted.

Last summer, Yamrout Gebrmedhin opened a simple shop at the corner of Grand and Perkins Avenues to provide an essential service to neighborhood customers, Hirut’s Alterations and Tailor. Her mission is to ensure that none of us suffer in ill-fitting clothes or forego purchasing something we like just because our body proportions do not match the mannequin in the store.

Hiruts1Customer service is the focus at Hirut’s. Bring in your alteration challenge and the tailor will explore options with you. Caught in traffic on your way to pick up an item near closing time?  Call and the tailor will wait for you. The shop is closed on Tuesdays, but if that is the best day  for you to be fitted, Hirut’s will open for you.

Twenty-four years ago, Yamrout moved to Oakland from Ethiopia. She has lived in or near Oakland ever since as she raised her family and studied in the Fashion Design program at  Alameda College.


Hirut's3In the 80’s and 90’s, her grandmother, Hirut, visited for two extended stays. Yamrout has named the shop after her grandmother to say, “I still think of you, you inspire me, and you are in my heart.”

Hirut’s Alterations and Tailor
353 Grand Ave. (corner of Perkins)

Mon. – Sat., except Tues. 10 AM – 5 PM
Closed Tuesdays, except by appointment
Closed Sundays

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