Farmers Market Update

Farmers Market Update – January 2024

Sip to Live Herbal Tea Company is one of the market’s newest vendors. They are located in the corner of the plaza adjacent to the popcorn booth. The company is owned and operated by Gibran McDonald, who in a “previous lifetime” worked in NASA’s space exploration program. All that changed in 2000 in Morocco when he tasted “real” tea for the first time. Six years later, he took up the study of yoga and Ayurvedic herbalism and is now a certified yoga instructor who has “taught in many environments, including schools, juvenile halls, San Quentin, and shelters for unhoused people.” His teas are available in your choice of five blends: green, black, oolong, rooibos or herbal.

In an August 2022 Splash Pad News article, AIM CEO Andy Naja-Riese wrote about the market’s Incubator Program. In brief, under the sponsorship of three different nonprofits, individuals are given access to farmland, advisory support, and a free space at the Farmers Market for three months every other weekend. The newest participants in the program are The Queen of Vegetables in Salinas and Vasquez Organic Farm in Hollister. If you shop the market, please make a point of giving them a warm welcome and check out their offerings.

After a long stint as an Associate Manager, Derek Pena (left) has announced that he is resigning in order to explore other opportunities. Sharon Litzky (center) is filling the Assistant Manager’s position that Terrance Powell relinquished when he resigned in August. After six months as the Market Manager, Mahader Tesfai (right) is feeling right at home and is always quick to smile — which, if you knew how challenging his job can be, is quite an accomplishment.