Eve Lurie Web Design for the Twenty First Century

Eve Lurie, Web Designer Extraordinaire

By Debra Chaplan

As readers may know, the Splashpad News is a labor of love for everyone involved. The only money that passes anyone’s hands is the annual web fees that Ken Katz has volunteered to continue to pay. Having a skilled designer/webmaster design our new site on a pro bono basis is an enormous contribution. That it was offered by a member of our neighborhood made me want to do a profile of that very webmaster.

Eve Lurie says she enjoys her work on the Splashpad website. “I try to do what I can for the city. It’s important to be involved.”

Eve was raised in Northern Virginia. As the Vietnam War ended, she and her then-husband found their way to Berkeley, living there from 1971 until the couple divorced in 1983. Not loving the fog or high rents in Berkeley, Eve found herself in Oakland and has lived near Lake Merritt ever since.

Eve Lurie Pottery

Eve has held a variety of occupations that, together, utilized all sides of her brain—from teaching 7th-grade science to making a living as a potter and various other endeavors. Below are a few of Eve’s designs, and a photo of Eve with a batch of goblets. You can see more of her pottery work at evelurieporcelain.net. After 27 years, of working as a potter, inexpensive and high-quality pottery started coming into the U.S. from Japan, she saw the writing on the wall and knew that she’d have to change career direction.

Back in the early 90s, she recognized how dominant computers were to become and learned enough to teach people how to use computers starting in 1990. Eventually, she moved to building websites. “Developing websites puts all of my skills together,” she says, “from design to the geeky technical work.

Eve started working with Tech Liminal, a web and computer support group in 2014. Anca Mosoiu, the group’s founder, was working with Ken Katz’ wife Ann on The Book Project. Anca suggested that Eve meet Ken and together the three of them spent a long afternoon building the first Splashpad website. “I loved working with Ken and we developed a great working relationship,” Eve adds.

“It’s been 10 years and I felt it was time to re-do the website, both so that the site could live into the future and because, with a new person at the helm, it was just appropriate. As an artist and designer, I wanted to put together a site that is clear and easy to use. Our objective is to promote the current news while enabling people to more easily access the legacy/historical content.”

It was a pleasure to work with Eve on this project—none of my questions were ever too stupid! On behalf of the Splashpad News reading community, I would like to offer a hearty thanks to Eve for donating her time, talent, and vision to make splashpad.org a user-friendly and lovely website.

To find Eve and her web design work, click evelurie.com.

By debra chaplan

Debra Chaplan became the publisher of the Splashpad News in February 2024. She’s lived in the Grand Lake neighborhood for 30 years. With a career doing communications and educational programming for several unions, she’s pleased to use those skills for the neighborhood and city that she loves.



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  1. Jerry Barclay Avatar
    Jerry Barclay

    Thank you Eve, for all you have done. So many people love SPN, and you have been foundational!