Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council Update

by Ashley Ragus 

This month, the CHNC Emergency Readiness Committee hosted Doug Mosher of Oakland Community Preparedness and Response for a meeting on how to get our neighborhood organized and safe! Amidst the recent storms and outages, neighbors were informed of OCP&R’s many readiness guides, including basic strategies to avoid and minimize damages due to natural disasters, such as keeping a fireproof 5-foot perimeter around their homes and building our own Go-Bags and Stay-Boxes. 

Neighbors in attendance signed up for the AC Alert System, the countywide text and email alerts system, and signed up to receive and distribute Listos California home safety guides. Additionally, several attendees have applied for the Oakland-wide Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trainings. The committee looks forward to helping making our neighborhood resilient through disaster awareness, trainings, and group activities! To get involved, please email

The next Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council Meeting will be Tuesday, March 9 at 7pm, check our CHNC website for agenda and Zoom information.




2 responses to “Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council Update”

  1. Hi- I am a cleveland heights resident and I’m wondering how I can join a committee to get involved? Thanks!

    1. Ken Katz Avatar
      Ken Katz


      We’re always happy to see more of our neighbors getting involved–so will happily share your contact info with Ashley Ragus.