August Grand Lake Neighbors Meeting Minutes

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information was provided to us by Grand Lake Neighbors Co-chairs David Flack and Eric Hughes. The next meeting via Zoom will be Wednesday, September 16 beginning at 7 pm.

DAVID FLACK: No information about the Darius Brazell homicide was revealed in the meeting. The investigation is in progress, and Captain Bolton was not at liberty to reveal any details that might impede the investigation. He had hoped to be able to say more yesterday, but I got an email from him saying he was still waiting to receive some information. I suspect we will get more information next week. Other topics discussed…

Walker Lot: There is more homeless activity in the lot, and some of that activity is impacting the building next door at 711 Walker. Special Resource Officer Gonzalez is meeting with residents of that building.

The Lake: Councilmember Nikki Bas attended and there was discussion about the vendors, large crowds, and loud music around the lake.

ERIC HUGHES: The only thing I can add about the homicide is that OPD really really likes to get video leads, and more would be very helpful in this sort of case. Whatever we can do to encourage people and businesses to install cameras is helpful.

In an earlier meeting, Carol Dru said she wasn’t aware of any problems at the jewelry/coin store on Grand since the protests a couple of months ago. She said boards have been up since that incident.

Captain Bolton brought up the unfortunate fact that one of the issues with the new Starbucks will be more thefts from people leaving stuff in their cars while they “run in” for a cup of Java. Oh boy. There’s gotta be some way to ameliorate that.

Capital Improvements:  The next capital improvement budget gets finalized next year. We are currently in a public comment period. The survey is at