A Proper Goodbye and a Hearty Hello

Editor’s Note: Gary’s departure from the Grand Lake Farmers Market is like the second half of a double-whammy that began when Doug Stonebreaker concluded that he could no longer raise grass-fed cattle when the surrounding hillsides were parched from successive years of drought caused by global warming. While we’re going to miss Gary, we’d also like to consider this another example of the market serving as a small business incubator. The only difference is that StoneRoot isn’t going into a brick and mortar shop; they will be providing home delivery instead. We wish him the very best of luck with this new endeavor.

by Gary Root

Good Afternoon, Gang:

As I prepare to have a very unfamiliar weekend off, I thought I’d follow up on my last message with a few reflections and acknowledgments about the past few years at Farmers Markets. We’re saying goodbye to Farmers Markets, but not to you. We’re hopeful that you’ll all join us on the next leg of our collective journey.
We Love Our Customers:
Suffice it to say that being a producer at Farmers Markets has been a humbling, eye-opening, exhausting, and thoroughly enjoyable experience. The best part… by far… has been the thrill of delighting other humans with great food week after week. You’ve been incredibly supportive through thick and thin. Whether or not you’ll be joining us on this next leg of our journey, please stay connected with us and keep in touch. We love our customers!
We Love Our Producer Friends:
There are too many to list here, but I wanted to mention and thank a few of those who took us under their wings and helped us to be successful:
Eddie, Maria and Eddie Jr. of Sunnyland Orchards
Andrew and Team at Full Belly Farm
Javier and Team at Toscano Family Farm
Moira, Jesse and Kids at Marin Roots Farm
Tamara and David at Toluma Farms & Tomales Farmstead Creamery
Dan at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Adriana at Tomatero Farm
Cathy, Olivia and Team at Tru Gourmet Dim Sum
Megan of Summer Solace Tallow
Emi of Lakshmi Lassi
The list goes on…
To all, whether on this list or not: thank you so very much for making “The Farmers Market” leg of this journey a great success. Working with all of you has been a highlight of my life. Many of us will continue to work together on the next leg…
The Future – A Hearty Hello:
I’ve spent the past two days driving around the entire Bay Area doing a “delivery dry run.” I’ve been distributing those awesome coolers that are going to be used for the upcoming home delivery service. There are still many more to deliver…
It’s been so much fun seeing so many of you in your “natural environment” (a.k.a. home). The process of launching this new service is going as smoothly as can be expected. I’ll certainly screw a few things up out of the gate, but I’ll also do my best to fix them quickly. We’re looking at the second half of May for an official launch…
Your friend,
P.S. – I’m thrilled to announce an upcoming partnership with Ponsford’s Place Bakery & Innovation Center. Craig Ponsford is a world-renowned baker who’s won many prestigious awards for his incredible creations. He’s also a customer of ours who’s become a wonderful friend. The only way to obtain his breads and pastries is to show up at his shop in San Rafael,  typically just once a week! We’re still working out the details, but we’ll likely end up scheduling a special StoneRoot bake day once or twice a month. You’ll be able to add his fresh creations to your delivery as an Add-On. There are more of these announcements to come.