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This website is primarily about Splash Pad Park in Oakland – its history and the role it currently plays as the centerpiece of a large, very diverse, incredibly vibrant urban community. The most important and dynamic component of the site, however, is the Splash Pad News, which has gradually shifted its focus, over time, to cover the park’s surrounding neighborhoods. This monthly online publication helps keep its readership informed; supports locally owned businesses; and encourages volunteer participation and involvement in decisions that affect our community.

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Splash Pad News – April 2019

All the News That Fits GRAND AVENUE   Last month’s News included a photograph of Dr. Natasha Bernard in her new, Alchemy Restorative Medicine office – which I noted wasn’t yet completely furnished.  After I stopped by on Saturday and took this photo of a brand new mural by San Francisco artist, Amanda Lynn, I was […]

Splash Pad News – March 2019

All the News That Fits EDITOR’S NOTE Judging by the record number of subscribers who clicked through to read last month’s featured articles about Oakland’s homelessness crisis, this is obviously a huge issue. If you share those concerns but didn’t have time to read the February edition, it’s available at THIS LINK.  If, on the other […]

Splash Pad News – February 2019

All the News That Fits EDITOR’S NOTE This month’s Splash Pad News is venturing into the kind of issue we’ve rarely, if ever, broached: namely, a serious discussion about Oakland’s homelessness crisis with content provided by myself and photographer, Joanne Devereaux, with much needed input from Pastor Jim Hopkins. I’d preface this discussion by noting […]