2006 Chalk Talks Article

Chalk Talks Festival

The Splash Pad Neighborhood Forum sponsored a CHALK TALKS Festival on September 16, 2000 at a time when many people were questioning the wisdom of spending substantial sums of money on a project so close to the freeway — arguing that the traffic noise rendered the space unuseable. The festival proved otherwise as it was a huge success. In addition to two live bands, we had some twenty local artists and one hundred children participate. Six of the participating artists chose the freeway pillars — rather than the sidewalk — as their canvas. These murals were so well received, we managed to obtain permission from Caltrans to spray them with varnish and make them permanent.

Artist, Yvonne Browne
Artist, Olga Singer
Artist, Alan Templeton
Artist, Deborah Quay
Artist, Matt Maddox
Artist, Lila Wahrhaftig

The following photos are all compliments of Jeanette Sayre.

Advertising Poster by Peter Lee
Artist, Andrew Keating
Olga Singer and Alan Templeton
Artist, Karin Turner
Artist, Peter Lee
Deborah Quay and Alan Templeton
Lila Wahrhaftig