News & Events

  • Jau Jou Studio has a new show of artwork  by Dominic Fontana whose “canvas” consists of galvanized sheet metal and whose “paints” consist of brightly colored reflective tapes.  Thus the show title, “Taped Metal Canvas“. Urban Furniture is featuring a new show of recent paintings by David Mertens + beverages and small bites. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (next […]

  • Members of the Council: By way of introduction, I served as Chair of the community group that lobbied for construction of the new Splash Pad Park beginning in 1999 and have since continued working on its behalf as an advocate, volunteer coordinator, and Editor of the Splash Pad News. I would add that, over time, […]

  • Last year, the Agricultural Institute of Marin, signed a contract with the City of Oakland that required them, for the first time, to pay a monthly fee.  This year, the City’s Property Management Division was prepared to offer them a five-year extension which Jerry Barclay (the Chair of the Splash Pad/Farmers Market Advisory Committee) and […]

  • The Splash Pad Newsletter is a good vehicle with which to summarize (and comment upon) the events of the previous month – but, with the Grand Lake Neighborhood changing so rapidly, it’s not a particularly good way to report breaking news.  Accordingly, we’re just beginning to make better use of the Splash Pad News Facebook […]