The Astro Tot Lot Revitalization began to take shape in early December, thanks to a large group of volunteers coordinated by Abel Guillen’s office and with assistance from the Parks and Recreation Department, PG&E and KaBOOM.

Since then, the community has awaited the finishing touches that need to be completed before the fences can come down.  An ADA contractor is currently installing a bouncy playground surface,  a new ADA parking space and a water filling station.  The water station will be accessible to people of all heights, and will be a nice replacement for the water fountain that was often clogged.  I certainly look forward to sending my kids over to the filling station with a water bottle!

The original anticipated completion date was the end of February-early March.  But the heavy rains were an X factor that kept that completion date uncertain.  I was happy to see the work crews out this week during our sunny respite, and hopefully the park will be open later in March.