GRAND AVENUE, WEST OF 580 – March 2017

We welcome X-Core Studio, Oakland’s first Lagree fitness studio, where you can get a full body workout in 40 minutes. Newbie special: Try your first class now for $15 and get a free pair of grippy socks to wear during your workouts. Opening celebration: March 19.

X-Core Studio

In mid-January, Cora Wo and her business partner and co-instructor, Elaine Ko, quietly opened Oakland’s first facility to use the Lagree Fitness (LF) method to enhance health and fitness. Both women are certified LF trainers who worked in San Francisco before bringing this program to Oakland. Cora and Elaine were attracted to our neighborhood specifically because of our community spirit, diversity, and residential density. X-Core occupies the corner of Grand Avenue and Park View Terrace, across from Fairyland  and Lake Merritt. The previous occupant was the California Document Preparers who moved next door, as reported in this blog last November.

Cora describes LF as “a 40-minute full-body workout” that is perfect for people with busy schedules. Each workout is very high intensity, but low impact to avoid any injury to joints, and adaptable to all fitness levels. LF develops your strength, core, and cardiovascular systems using a patented piece of equipment, the Megaformer, which resembles a traditional Pilates reformer. A traditional Pilates workout, however, would feature quick movements that can create bulkier muscle mass. LF, in contrast, promotes fat loss and lean muscle growth by emphasizing slow movements that activate slow twitch muscle fibers to burn energy for longer periods–even after the workout is over. “For many,” says Cora, “Lagree is an effective counterbalance for runners, bicyclists, TRX and Crossfitters.”

Even if this sounds a little intimidating at first, Cora encourages you to come in and try the LF approach. Maximum class size is 10, so you get lots of personal attention. Cora or Elaine guide participants through basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises as well as modifications to accommodate different body types and fitness levels. Clients are required to wear grippy socks “to keep the machines clean, happy, and less smelly.” As a special promotion to newbies, X-Core is offering your first class for $15 including a free pair of grippy socks.

Word of mouth, social media and a poster in the window with X-Core contact information are attracting participants. Cora reports that Lake Merritt Park has been a great “marketing partner” as park visitors notice the new X-Core awning that was installed two weeks ago during a break in the rainstorms. Nearby enterprises, like Bacheeso’s restaurant and St. Paul’s Episcopal School have dropped in to welcome X-Core to the neighborhood. One of the CA Document Preparer’s staff is regularly attending X-Core classes. Soon X-Core will host a free class for St. Paul’s teachers to try the LF program.

On weekdays, classes are offered early in the morning, at noon and in the early evening. On Saturdays and Sundays, classes are only in the mornings. In the future, when the weather is beautiful again, X-Core may offer some classes that combine inside and outside activities.

On Sunday, March 19, X-Core will host an opening celebration from 9 AM to 2 PM. Classes will be offered from 9 AM to noon, as usual, followed by an open house with snacks, beverages, raffles and prizes.

X-Core Studio

244 Grand Ave. (corner of Grand Ave. & Park View Ter.)
Oakland, CA 94610
facebook:  xcorestudiolagree